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10+ Strengths and Weaknesses of Kagura ML You Need to Know

Kagura ML is probably one of the most matchless heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang (MLBB). She is one of the female Mage heroes known for her unique weapon—the Seimei Umbrella. Her alias is the Onmyouji Master.

Kagura is also one of the most popular heroes picked by players, especially in the ranked mode. Some of the reasons are Kagura deals enormous damage, has an extremely high level of mobility, and has lethal crowd control skills.

For Mage users or beginners, check out this article to explore more about Kagura Mobile Legends—her build items, strengths, and weaknesses.

Kagura ML – The Mage Hero

Kagura ML – The Mage Hero
Source: Esportsku.

A Mage, or a magician, is a dealer of magic damage who has a crucial role in any team formation. Their strengths lie more in their abilities rather than their basic attacks. Unfortunately, they are more likely to be the primary targets during team fights. It is due to their enormous burst damage and crowd control (CC) abilities,

Released in 2016, Kagura ML is one of the oldest Mage heroes in MLBB with a Japanese name. Kagura means “the god of entertainment,” while her alias name Onmyouji means “The way of Yin and Yang.”

Kagura Mobile Legends indeed is one of the first mage heroes in MLBB who employs the philosophy of Yin and Yang.

As one of her basic attacks, she will fire cherry blossoms (or the Japanese sakura flowers) with or without using her magic umbrella. Also, depending on the skin, she will occasionally fire pink or purple lotus flowers.

Kagura MLBB Build

Kagura MLBB Build

You can try using the following Kagura MLBB build arrangement, the regular but the most savage items.

  • Arcane Boots. Some of the attributes are +15 magical PEN and +40 movement speed.
  • Clock of Destiny. Some of the attributes are +60 magic power, +615 HP, and +600 mana.
  • Lightning Truncheon. Some of the attributes are +75 magic power, +300 mana, and +10% cooldown reduction.
  • Holy Crystal. Some of the attributes are +100% of magic power.
  • Divine Glaive. Some of the attributes are +65 magic power and +40% magical PEN.
  • Immortality. For your information, Clock of Destiny and Holy Crystal are two of the core build items for Kagura ML. Accordingly, regardless of the situation or the opponent formation, be sure that you have quickly built those two items.

Kagura Hero Strengths and Weaknesses

Kagura Hero Strengths and Weaknesses
Source: Mario Bd.

Let’s take a closer look at Kagura skills or abilities as one of her strengths.

Passive Skill – Yin Yang Gathering

When Kagura takes her Seimei Umbrella and rolls her body into one, she obtains a Shield that can absorb up to 280 (+50% Total Magic Power) damage. It will create the Stun effect, stunning the closest opponents to last for 0.5 seconds. Also, it will slow the nearby enemies (60% slow effect) that lasts for a second. You can activate this effect every 4.5 seconds.

The First Skill – Seimei Umbrella Open

When Sakura tosses Seimei Umbrella to a designated location, it gives 290 Magic Damage (+105% Total Magic Power) to the opponents and causes a slow effect of 60% to last for 0.5 seconds.

The Second Skill – Rasho Umbrella Flee

With this skill, Kagura wipes out all Debuffs on her (Crowd Control effects) using the Seimei Umbrella. She then will move in a designated direction, leaving her magic Seimei Umbrella behind.

The Ultimate Skill – Yin Yang Overturn

Kagura says this, “Don’t get too close to my Seimei Umbrella.”

For the green skill, it will give 260 damage (+120% total magic power) to the nearest enemies, knock-backing and slowing by 60% to last for a second with the Seimei Umbrella.

Kagura’s Seimei Umbrella will bind the surrounding enemies, dealing 330 damage (+100% total magic power) and slowing them for the purple skill. If the targets cannot escape from the magic umbrella in three seconds, they will receive extra damage of 450 (+180% total magic power). The umbrella will pull them closer.

The following are more Kagura ML strengths:

  • High-level of mobility and burst damage
  • The Seimei Umbrella can cast crowd control effects while being able to escape at the same time.
  • Can make the opponents confused due to the right positioning of the Seimei Umbrella
  • A mage hero with a complete Crowd Control (CC), such as stun, slow, knockback, and pull the enemies.
  • Two types of attacks, from a long distance and stronger attack in close proximity.

Meanwhile, some of her weaknesses are:

  • Low-level durability
  • Without her umbrella or during the cooldown of her ultimate skill, Sakura is highly vulnerable to the enemies’ attacks.
  • It takes time to master this mage hero Kagura ML.
  • Weak during late games since Kagura tends to be an early game to mid-game hero.
  • Slow in attacking.

Last but not least, how to play Kagura? You can choose tanks as the perfect partner. For example, you can use the deadliest tanks like Johnson, Tigereal, Gatotkaca, or Atlas. Also, don’t forget to look for Kagura’s best combo skills.

As part of the Onmyouji family, Kagura ML has mastered the Yin Yang art. Together with her magic Seimei Umbrella and perfectly timed combos, she can easily knock down opponents. If you want to unlock more heroes, don’t forget to top up your MLBB diamonds at UniPin.

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