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PUBG Mobile Attachments: What is it and Functions?

In this game, weapons are not just tools to shoot opponents. They are loyal companions who will accompany you through fierce battles and intense melee combat. However, in PUBG Mobile, there are several attachments to maximize your game so that it is even more optimal!

And just like a soldier who prepares with the best gear, knowing how to optimize your weapon with the right attachments can open the difference between a “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” and returning to the lobby earlier than you’d like.

Through this article, you will explore the world of attachments in PUBG Mobile and uncover the mysteries behind Muzzle, Magazine, Stock, and many more. Prepare yourself to add insight and improve your strategy on the PUBG Mobile battlefield.

What are PUBG Mobile Attachments?

Attachments are additions or modifications to weapons that can improve the performance and efficiency of these weapons on the battlefield. Attachments are your loyal companions for maximizing weapon potential, from expanding magazine capacity and stabilizing recoil to increasing accuracy and range of fire.

With an Attachment, the power of your weapons and skills will probably be even more maximized because there are additional patches like this. You can maximize them even more.

1. Magazines

A magazine is a tool used to store and insert ammunition into firearms.

In PUBG Mobile, magazines are a type of attachment that can be attached to firearms to improve their performance.

Types of Magazines

After knowing the meaning of magazines, you also need to know that three types of magazines are suitable, and you need to know their benefits.

Extended Magazine

This magazine can increase the ammunition capacity that weapons can store, allowing players to shoot more before reloading.

Using an Extended Magazine or Extended Quickdraw Magazine can increase the amount of ammo stored in a weapon.

This is especially useful in close-range combat, where shooting continuously without reloading can be the key to victory.

Quickdraw Magazine

These magazines speed up weapon reload times, allowing players to return to action more quickly after running out of ammo.

Quickdraw Magazine allows players to refill their ammo more quickly. This can be especially helpful in situations where every second counts.

Extended Quickdraw Magazine

This is a combination of the two types of magazines above. This magazine not only increases ammo capacity but also speeds up reloading time.

Players can be more efficient in battle with a larger ammo capacity and faster reload time. They can spend less time reloading and more time focusing on strategy and targeting.

2. Foregrips

Foregrip in PUBG Mobile is an attachment or weapon upgrade that can be installed on various types of firearms in the game.

Att increases the stability and accuracy of weapons when shooting, especially when carrying out consecutive shots or sprays.

Foregrip Types

Other players and pro players often use the types of Foregrip during tournaments.


Vertical assists in reducing vertical recoil, making the weapon easier to control during successive shots. This is especially useful when using automatic weapons and shooting targets at medium to long ranges.


Angled reduces horizontal recoil and increases targeting speed (ADS speed). This is very effective for close-range combat situations and when players must target enemies quickly.

Half Grips

The Half Grip reduces overall recoil, both vertically and horizontally, and increases the speed at which the recoil is recovered. However, Half Grip slightly reduces the stability of the weapon.

Thumb Grips

The Thumb Grip significantly increases targeting speed while reducing vertical recoil, making it ideal for close to medium-range combat situations where players must quickly target and shoot enemies.

Light Grips

Light Grip increases weapon stability and recoil recovery speed but does not reduce recoil when fired. This makes the Light Grip ideal for semi-automatic weapons like the DMR.

3. Muzzles


Muzzle in PUBG Mobile refers to various types of weapon modifications that can be attached to the end of the barrel of a firearm.

This attachment has different functions and effects depending on the type, ranging from reducing recoil (shake of the weapon when fired), hiding the flash (flashes of light when shooting), to increasing the range and accuracy of the gun.

Types of Muzzle Types

So this attachment is convenient, and you should use it so that the shot you shoot at the weapon will have a silencer and reduce your recoil. Here are the types of Muzzles that you can use.

Flash Hider

Flash Hider is a type of muzzle that hides the flash or flash of light generated when shooting. This is useful for hiding your position from enemies when shooting, especially in dark or night conditions.


The compensator is designed to reduce the weapon’s vertical and horizontal recoil, thus helping you keep the gun stable when shooting. This is very useful for weapons with a high rate of fire or weapons that usually have high recoil.

AWM PUBG Mobile is perfect for using a compensator. You know it’s cleaner and warmer to the ear!


The suppressor, or silencer, reduces the shot’s sound and eliminates the flash. This can be very helpful for stealth operations or to avoid the enemy knowing where you are.

However, remember that gunshots can still be heard by enemies near you, even though the sound is much lower than without a suppressor.


Although rarely found in PUBG Mobile, Choke e reduces vertical recoil and makes weapon control easier, which is helpful for weapons with high recoil.

4. Stocks

Stock is a type of weapon attachment found in PUBG Mobile.

This attachment can be attached to the back of the weapon and serves to help players control the recoil and stability of the gun, as well as several other functions.

Players can improve their precision and control over weapons by using stocks, making them more effective in battle.

Types of Stocks

There are many types of stocks that you can use, especially for players. Don’t go wrong with these stocks; you will be even more stable using weapons!

Bullet Loops

This stock can be used on shotgun-type weapons. This stock helps reduce recoil and accelerates recovery from recoil.

Sniper Rifle Stocks (Cheek Pad)

The Cheek Pad can be used on various Sniper Rifles and DMRs. This stock reduces recoil and also reduces sway when aiming.

Tactical Stocks

Tactical Stock can be used on M416, Vector, and MK47 Mutant weapons. This stock reduces recoil and increases weapon stability when players shoot.

Micro Uzi Stocks

Especially for Uzi, it can reduce recoil by 20%. Besides that, you are also straighter in shooting at your opponent. Uzi is also suitable for close combat; you will be more stable with these stocks.

5. Sights


In the context of PUBG Mobile, ‘sights’ refers to aiming aids that can be attached to a player’s weapon to increase shooting accuracy. Sights help players aim at opponents more precisely, exceptionally long distances. They come in all shapes and sizes, each with its optimal use and situation.

Types of Sights

Sights are aiming aids attached to weapons and help monitor enemies. The type of sights will also determine the kind of PUBG Mobile weapon you will use!

Iron Sight

Iron Sight is the default sight for every weapon in PUBG Mobile. While it doesn’t provide any magnification, the Iron Sight is accurate at close to medium ranges.

Red Dot Sight

Red Dot Sight is the most basic sight after Iron Sight. As the name suggests, this aiming tool provides a red dot as a marker. The Red Dot Sight provides no magnification but significantly increases accuracy compared to the Iron Sight, especially in close to medium-range combat.

Holographic Sight

This site is similar to the Red Dot but has slightly different imprints. The site has a large circle with a dot in the middle. Even though it is bigger than the Red Dot, some players find it easier to aim with the Holographic Sight.

2x Scopes

The 2x Scope is the first sight to provide magnification. This tool magnifies the player’s view twice, making it a good tool for mid-range combat.

3x Scopes

The 3x scope provides three times the magnification and has more complex sight markers than the 2x scope, which can aid in adjusting the shot’s distance.

4x Scopes

The 4x Scope magnifies the sight four times, making it ideal for medium to long-range combat. This scope is also equipped with aiming markers which help adjust the shot’s distance and speed.

6x Scopes

The 6x Scope provides six times magnification and extremely accurate crosshairs, making it perfect for long-range combat. This scope is also adjustable between 3x to 6x magnification.

8x Scopes

The 8x Scope provides eight times magnification and is the highest rangefinder in PUBG Mobile. It can only be attached to certain weapons and is especially useful for snipers.

Well, with an article about the PUBG Mobile Attachment. You can maximize your battle royale game to win Conqueror PUBG Mobile easily!


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