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Reasons Why Plasma FF Gun is not Popular

Plasma FF or also known as the Heat gun is a new weapon in Free Fire released in early 2020. Compared to other Assault Rifle (AR) weapons, this weapon is pretty unique because instead of using the reload system, it uses the overheat system.

Though this plasma gun was launched as an advanced weapon, unfortunately, this is the least favorite weapon among Free Fire players. Below are the reasons why the Plasma Gun is not popular among gamers.

Unfavorable Overheat System

Unlike other weapons in Free Fire, the Plasma Gun is the one that does not use bullets. Instead, it uses the overheating system. Though it seems practical since you do not need to reload the weapon, the overheat system equipped in the Plasma Gun makes it a less effective weapon. You cannot use it if the number shows 100%.

This takes time because you must wait until the overheat percentage or graphic lowers. So, you can get shot by your enemy while waiting for the overheat percentage to decrease. Players prefer the reload system as it takes only a few seconds while the overheat system takes a longer time.

Not Ideal for Late Games

When you are entering late games, all player actions will determine the result of the game. Every tiny action determines whether you will win or lose the combat. Imagine if you are in the middle of a fierce battle.

It is a must for you to use a weapon that allows you for one hit one kill in such a combat. If you use other weapons, you can still reload them when you are running out of bullets.

On the other hand, if you use the Plasma Gun, you will not be able to shoot if the overheat percentage is high. You have to wait until it gets low. It’s such a hassle, isn’t it? This is why this weapon is less favorable among Free Fire players.

Limited Attachments

The next reason why the Plasma FF is not popular is because this weapon has limited attachments. Attachments are a complementary tool that can make your weapon way more effective. The more attachments you use on your weapon, the more powerful your weapon will be.

If other assault rifle weapons averagely have 4 attachments to 5 attachments, you can only equip the Plasma Gun with 2 attachments, which are Foregrip and Scope. This makes the weapon less powerful than other assault rifle guns.

Not Suitable for Long-Range Battles

The Plasma Gun has pretty standard stats for a weapon, not too high and not too low. An ordinary weapon like this is actually less attractive to Free Fire players. It is not special as it does not offer any reliable perks.

Though it has a quite high range, it is still way below other assault rifle guns, like M14, SKS, and SVD. The Plasma Gun is also not any better than these 3 popular weapons in terms of damage.


Tips to Use the Plasma Gun

If you want to try using the Plasma Gun, you can follow these tips below to help you survive in a battle.

Limit Your Shoots

As it is said before, the Plasma Gun uses an overheating system. It will overheat if you keep shooting. If the number shows 100%, you will not be able to shoot until it gets lower.

So, you should limit your shots when using this weapon. This makes the Plasma Gun not effective for an intense, fierce battle. Because as you wait for the heat percentage to go down, your enemy has a chance to kill you.

Do not Make Rush

The Plasma Gun is indeed a unique weapon, but it is not painful enough, making it less ideal for rush. Many Free Fire players state that if you forcefully use this weapon for rush, you will die because of it.

In the hands of the right person, the Plasma Gun can be a deadly weapon. But for players who frequently attack in a hurry, this weapon is not the best option.

Mid-Range Combats

Use the Plasma Gun only for mid-range fights. The accuracy rate of this weapon is pretty good, and the bullets released are quite straight as well. Always remember that you should couple this weapon with Scope.

So, stay alarmed and careful. If you are being reckless, this Plasma Gun will kill you, instead of your enemies. If you use it correctly, the accuracy of this weapon is great, and there will be no bullets wasted.


Skins for the Plasma Gun

In order to maximize the Plasma Gun’s performance, you can equip it with skins. The best skin for this plasma weapon is Champion Boxer. In fact, Champion Boxer is the first skin specifically released for this Plasma FF.

This gold skin can boost the weapon’s accuracy by as many as 2 points. It also provides really nice effects on the weapon. Unfortunately, it will also reduce the movement speed by as much as 1 point.

Though it is not popular, the Plasma Gun is still proper to use for combat. Especially, if you equip it with the right skins and attachments. So, do you want to try using this plasma weapon?

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