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The Benefits of Elite Pass Free Fire and Its Example

Free Fire often gives exclusive items to its players. One of the ways to get them is by using the Elite Pass. Elite pass Free Fire is a system to attain several exclusive rewards. Read the explanation below so you can understand the concept. As a result, you can join the event and win exclusive rewards.

About Elite Pass in Free Fire

Because the Elite Pass is a system to get exclusive rewards, you should complete a specific mission. You will earn badges once you accomplish the mission. Use the badges to claim the rewards. The reward varies, including character bundles, emotes, character fragments, and skins. The way to join this program is by spending your diamonds. It means that an Elite Pass is not free. Alternatively, you can also purchase the Elite Pass’s seasonal subscription.

Types of the Elite in Free Fire

Free Fire players can choose two different elite programs, which are the Elite Pass and Elite Bundle. Those who want to use the Elite Pass Free Fire should expense 499 diamonds. On the other hand, the Elite Bundle needs more diamonds than the Elite Pass. You should spend up to 999 diamonds to buy the Elite Bundle.

Benefit elite pass free fire

The Benefits of Using the Elite Pass in Free Fire

So, what do you get the Elite Pass Free Fire? Most people want to buy this package because it offers a variety of exclusive items they can’t find in the daily season. Interestingly, the value of the exclusive items is approximately 1.000 diamonds. It is so interesting since you only have to spend 499 diamonds and get an item equal to 1.000 diamonds as the reward.

Having a special item is not the only benefit you can get from the Elite Pass. Players with an Elite Pass can access the Elite Challenge and Veteran Challenge. It is a chance for players to get more badges. Another interesting benefit is that you get up to 100 gold a day. Don’t get shocked when your account name turns red after killing an enemy. It only happens when you have an Elite Pass.

The Way to Buy an Elite Pass in Free Fire

There are several requirements you should pass before buying an Elite Pass. Ensure that you have at least 499 diamonds to do the next steps. Now, log in to your Free Fire ID. Find the Fire Pass on the home screen and click it.
There will be two types of Fire Pass, which are Free Pass and Elite Pass. Click the upgrade option to buy the Elite Pass. The system will offer two types of Elite Pass. Select one of them. The system will take 499 of your diamonds for the Elite Pass.

You will get new missions every day. Accomplish the missions to get rewards. This action shows a popup notification to confirm that you want to buy Light Pass. Confirm it by clicking the confirmation button. Your diamonds are decreased now. Remember! The Elite Pass in Free Fire is not a permanent service. You can only use it for 27 days. You have to buy a new Elite Pass after 27 days.

How to use elite pass free fire

The Example of Free Fire Elite Pass Rewards

You may be curious about the rewards you get when joining the Elite Pass program. Here, we have the example of Elite Pass rewards in Free Fire. This information can increase your intention to collect more diamonds to buy the pass.

The Crowned Spades Bundle

You need 225 badges to attain this reward. The Crowned Spades Bundle is the exclusive item you can find in season 43. It seems that the Free Fire developer wants to celebrate Christmas by giving a reward to its players.


Free Fire players need emotes and Poof a lot. Unfortunately, the price of these items is so costly. Indeed, players were so enthusiastic to get this reward. In Free Fire Elite Pass program, you only have to spend 200 badges to claim this reward. Imagine that you can save hundreds of diamonds by only buying this pass.

Jeweled Hearts Bundle

Free Fire also releases Elite Pass with the Jewelled Hearts Bundle as the reward for Christmas. This reward is in the form of aesthetic female costumes. You can use this reward to join the Winterland events. Getting this reward is so easy. You only need to spend 50 badges and the jeweled heart bundle is yours.

Beastly Wrath Skyboard

Players are also enthusiastic about this Elite Pass reward. The beastly wrath skyboard is a rare item. This reward will make your character look more attractive. Just like the jeweled hearts bundle, the beastly wrath skyboard is easy to get. You only need 100 badges to obtain it.

Plasma with Joker Gun Skin

Just like emotes and poof, gun skins are also costly in Free Fire. Not all players can use gun skins. They need extra effort before using their favorite skin. Interestingly, Free Fire announces that there is an Elite Pass with Plasma as the reward. Indeed, players are attracted to it. Plus, they only need 125 badges to buy it. It is a promising offer since

Plasma is one of the rarest skins in this game.

Now, you know the reason why some players are waiting for the Elite Pass Free Fire. You can also join it to get rare items to be an exclusive player.

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