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Perks and Drawbacks of AUG on Free Fire

Free Fire has released so many new, cool updates that you must try. One of them is AUG FF, which is one of the powerful weapons in the game. This weapon was confirmed by Garena back in July 2020.

AUG is a type of assault rifle weapon that is part of the newest OB23 update. If you are curious about this weapon and want to try it, it will be better if you know its plus and minus points first.

Perks of AUG Free Fire

First, let’s talk about the benefits of the AUG weapon. Here they are.


AUG is one of Free Fire’s light weapons, making it easy and flexible to use. Its lightweight is also one of the reasons why a lot of players love it. You will be able to move easily when using this weapon.

As long as you can master the movement, AUG can be a reliable weapon to win a battle. But if you cannot control the speed, you will be overwhelmed fighting against your enemies.

The movement speed of AUG reaches 87 points, indicating that the weapon is very light. If you use this weapon, you can use a runner as your character.

Complete Attachment

Another plus point of the AUG weapon on Free Fire is it comes with complete attachment. This enables you to maximally use the weapon. Make sure you can do it properly because a combination of attachment can affect your own attack.

You are suggested to prioritize the Foregrip attachment first as it provides great balance. The more stable your attack, the more your enemies will be exposed to fairly strong damage.

Ideal as a Personal Protector

You can use AUG FF as a personal protector weapon. It is because this weapon is so fast and lightweight, as it has been mentioned before. Most players will not find it hard to use it.

You can be standby as soon as possible when your enemy attacks. Moreover, AUG is a deadly and powerful weapon, making it a reliable weapon to kill enemies.

When you happen to get attacked by an enemy, AUG will help you to attack the enemy immediately and precisely.

Great Stats

One of the main perks of AUG is its amazing stats, supporting you to produce some deadly attacks. Moreover, this reliable weapon also has strong damage and rate of fire.

So that you will not find it difficult to fight your enemies within a certain distance. AUG comes with a built-in scope, making it easy for you to attack your enemy even from afar.

Downsides-of-AUG-Free-Fire Downsides of AUG Free Fire

Just like any other weapons on Free Fire, AUG also has some minus points. Below are the downsides of the weapon.

Very Rare

The first drawback of AUG is that it is extremely rare. You will not likely gain it in a battle. As a powerful weapon, it is actually no surprise that AUG is rare and hard to find. It is because this weapon comes as an airdrop or war chest feature spread in the game. Since it is very rare, you will likely take a long time to find this powerful weapon.

You Cannot Aim It Quickly

AUG is not a suitable weapon to make a quick aim. The aim produced by this weapon is less reflective, making it more ideal for a duel with an enemy. As you know, a quick aim provides fatal attacks when fighting against enemies. But if you are already a pro or if you train yourself, this drawback should not be a problem to you.

Easily Countered

Though it is a fairly strong weapon, AUG is indeed easy to expose to counters when you are using it. For you who are in a battle with enemies that use AUG, you should pay attention to the surroundings to be able to win the combat. If you attack AUG in a close-range battle, it has a smaller chance to easily win.

Slightly Messy Recoil

The next minus point of AUG is that it has slightly messy recoil. This can be disturbing, especially if you shoot while moving when battling in a certain distance. Since recoil itself has powerful damage, you should be careful when using the AUG weapon.


Stats of AUG

As a newcomer, a lot of Free Fire gamers have been waiting for this weapon. Besides being already available in other royale battle games, the stats of AUG are also very attractive.

You can use this weapon for the classic battle royale mode as well as clash squad. The AUG weapon has damage of 56 points, rate of fire of 61 points, range of 56 points, reload speed of 48 points, magazine of 35 points, accuracy of 35 points, and movement speed of 50 points.

AUG also comes with a pre-equipped 2x scope, though you can replace this feature with others. This strong weapon is intentionally made to be versatile so that Free Fire players are able to add additional attachment.

Those are the plus and minus points of the AUG FF weapon on Free Fire. Looking at them, are you interested in finding and using this weapon?

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