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The Things about Shirou FF Before You Play Free Fire Games

Shirou FF is a kind of character in Free Fire. You can do some ways to counter the characters. The Shirou’s strength is dangerous.

It can make a tasty meal for the characters. You can read the following information about this character before you play this game.

4 Ways to Counter Shirou Free Fire 

You can do the following ways to counter Shirou Free Fire. You need to do the right tricks to counter it. What are the things to do?

Hide Immediately

You should hide sooner when you are shooting each other with Shirou. It is essential to do so because you need to prevent the strength of the character. It is so dangerous when you see the battle.

Shirou will lose when it gets a hit from an enemy. Thus, an enemy’s position will be seen for some seconds. After you see it, the enemy can get damaged by Shirou. It will make vest damage 100 %.

Long Distance

It is better to choose long distances when you play Shirou. If you want to play Shirou, you should prefer applying a long distance. You have to use a weapon kind from that distance. It is better to avoid injury. The distance will not give a big strength.

If you prefer long distance, Shirou will not see the strength when you shout it. It is an essential thing to counter Shirou FF.

Kill It Directly

You counter Shirou sooner than prevent big problems. You need kill it quickly. You must be ready with a good weapon to kill that characters. If you kill the enemies with Shirou, it gives a chance. You must use the best weapon in Free Fire to beat Shirou quickly.

Use Chrono

The last one is using Chrono. You can benefit from it to make the enemies messy. Furthermore, you will face difficulties to beat Shirou. You won’t beat Shirou easily later.

When you hit Shirou, it will turn around and shoot you. You can use Chrono skills to protect you. The Chrono protection will cause their skill to Shirou to be useless. You must find the character position later.

Tips-to-Use-Shirou-Ff’s-Ski Tips to Use Shirou Free Fire’s Skills

You need to know the characters and skills of Shirou before you use it. It will make the characters stronger and easy to beat when ready. To play Shirou’s characters, you need to use it well when you get attacked by enemies. Try to hit it to make the armor destroyed.

Using a Combination

You can use a combination to use Shirou. You can mix and match it to find the right formula. You can use passive and active skills. You can use Jota to kill and heal when you use a shotgun.

Then, you do not forget to use Maro giving damage based on the distance and the enemy’s mark. You can use Kla to hit and die enemies. You can use it when you are close to enemies.

You can use active skills to play Shirou. Xayne gives damage to Gloo Wall and Shield. DJ Alok will give healing effects and server speed. You can combine Shirou correctly. It makes it difficult to lose. After you know the character of Shirou, you can play it well and maximize the skills to win a game.


3 Benefits of Using Shirou FF 

There will be plus points of Shirou Free Fire to know. You can consider it before buying it. Free Fire is a game with many characters. You can have a unique skill to make it survive.

Amazing Skills

Shirou has an impressive passive skill called Damage Delivery. At an early level, the users can attack enemies within 80 meters. The enemy will sign for six seconds. The first shot has 50 per cent with the extra damage of armor penetration.

It has a 35-second cooldown. It is a complete package for aggressive and passive play. It can detect the location of enemies. You can prevent enemies strategically in this way.

Great Choices for Clash Squad Mode

It is a good character for a Clash Squad mode. The skills will be useful for players when it signs enemies in a short-distance battle significantly increasing armor penetration. This skill gives extra benefit for garners during a short and intense battle.

One of the huge benefits is signing an enemy. It is helpful to find their movements. It is similar to Hacker Eye making it so effective for Clash Squad mode.

Good for Combo Skills

Shirou has two skills into one. The skills combine Moco and Hayato’s skills. One part of sign skills in a distance is a good deal with the character. It can increase the damage of armor penetration.

It offers beneficial skills to hit enemies. It enables you to attack enemies quickly with armor penetration. You can push enemies to sign it and kill it. It is good for combo skills when you use it.

Those are some things about Shirou FF that you can know about this character for playing the Free Fire game. You can use this character in this game.

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