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VSS Free Fire Specifications and How to Use It to Kill Enemies Effectively

Playing long-range can be an effective strategy for some Free Fire. You have better shooting angles, a clearer view to see targets, and easily spot movement. Indeed, you should also use the best weapon designed for a long-range battle.

VSS free fire is one of the options among all long-range weapons in Free Fire. Check the specifications of this weapon and the way to use it to kill enemies.

The Specification of VSS in Free Fire

VSS is classified as an SMG weapon. It is a sniper rifle that not only works for long-range but also middle-range battles. One of the reasons why Free Fire players prefer to use this gun is because it is silent even without a silencer.

In Free Fire, the developer only supports this weapon with a magazine and stock. You will not get a silencer, muzzle, foregrip, and even a scope. Despite the limited accessories, VSS has a high accuracy level.

Based on the statistics, the accuracy even reaches 90. This gun is also so good in its damage. This long-range gun damage range is one of the largest in its type.

It is also known as a sniper rifle with a bleed damage ability. It means that players can kill the enemy with just 1 shot using this gun and lock a specific target, such as the head of the enemy.


The benefits of Using VSS in Free Fire Battles 

Beginner Free Fire players often choose the vss free fire because it is easy to use. You don’t have to attach too many accessories before using this gun. It doesn’t matter if this sniper rifle doesn’t get a silencer from the developer because it is typically a gun with a silencer.

Attacking enemies in silence is also the reason why Free Fire players use VSS. You can move slowly and determine a shooting range. Shoot your enemy from a hidden area once they pass through the shooting range. Enemies will get confused because they don’t hear any shooting sound and a strange movement.

Alternatively, you can maximize the accessories the gun received, such as the magazine. This accessory helps to increase the bullet capacity. You can also use this accessory to add stock to increase moving speed and reduce recoil.

The Disadvantages of Using VSS in Free Fire Battles 

Despite the benefits above, the VSS weapon also has disadvantages that make players think twice to use it in a battle. For example, this weapon achieves a high accuracy level only when you use a specific item known as Gloo Wall.

This item makes this sniper rifle easy to control to increase its accuracy. As a result, you can effectively shoot an enemy whether from far, medium, or even close distance. Shooting using a VSS gun without this item is a bit difficult to do, especially if it is your first time.

This weapon is effective for a team battle using a guard strategy. Those who are using VSS guns can hide and wait for a signal for their teammates.


Tips to Use a VSS Sniper Rifle Gun in Free Fire Battles 

One of the tricks to use a VSS sniper rifle effectively is using a defensive strategy. In this strategy, partners who can run faster and use a more flexible gun should get close to the enemy’s area.

Ensure that they can also shoot accurately to reduce the HP of their opponents. The attackers should give a signal when they have to leave or successfully lead opponents to the shooting target.

That’s it! It is your turn to use a VSS sniper rifle to knock the opponents down. This strategy can save you and your partners while killing more opponents or even winning the game.

The Best VSS Skins in Free Fire 

VSS Vandal Revolt

This gun skin is so stylish, along with its eye-catching gravity. The design of this gun is using bright hues, which are a combination of blue and yellow. It seems to increase your mood to kill more enemies. Best of all, you can buy this weapon skin by only spending 35 diamonds.

VSS Pink Love

Do you love a feminine hue, such as pink? If so, use a pink love skin on your VSS gun. The hue is so cute and attractive enough to see. Despite its cute design, this gun can be deadly if it is used by professional Free Fire players. Just like the Vandal Revolt, the cost of the Pink Love skin weapon is also only 35 diamonds.

VSS Death’s Eye

The Death’s Eye is a recommended skin for those who are ready to play and kill a lot of opponents in a battle. The design looks elegant and pugnacious with its green and blue colors. Just buy the Death’s Eye weapon Loot Crate at the Armory shop. You only have to spend 35 diamonds to get this skin.

VSS Rapper Underworld

This skin is perfect for players who love to use a pugnacious and out-of-the-box design. The detail is so amazing, along with a skull and black mask. Unfortunately, it is considered rare skin. You need extra effort to get Rapper Underworld skin.

So, we hope that the information above helps you to decide whether to use a vss free fire in a battle or not. The specification above also supports you to choose the right character and items for maximum result.

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