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Recommendation Best Build for Bailu in Honkai: Star Rail

Bailu stands as one of the select healing characters accessible in the Honkai: Star Rail universe at present. Before the introduction of Luocha, Bailu held the esteemed title of being the game’s top healer. His reputation owes much to his unique ability to resurrect fallen teammates amidst the heat of battle. Like many healers, his gameplay is straightforward yet potent, provided you have the appropriate loadout.

Best Build for Bailu in Honkai: Star Rail

In addition to his role as a Healer, Bailu possesses the “Abundance” path and wields the power of Lightning.

During the initial release, Bailu was introduced as one of the Healer characters by the developers at Hoyoverse, alongside Natasha, another 4-star Healer character.

Having previously offered advice on constructing a team around Kafka in Honkai Star Rail, this article will now provide an extensive evaluation of the optimal Bailu Honkai Star Rail build for those interested in including Bailu in their team setup.

Optimal Light Cone Selection for Bailu


In Bailu’s combat strategy, expediting the deployment of his Ultimate ability takes precedence. This approach allows him to bestow a talent that facilitates passive healing for the entire team, underscoring the importance of equipping a Light Cone to boost his energy acquisition.

  • Post-Ultimate Exchange: This Light Cone augments the Energy Regeneration Rate and character healing following the Ultimate ability, making it a perfect fit for Bailu’s quest for swift Ultimate activation.
  • Shared Sensation: While this Light Cone also bolsters energy reserves, the increment is not substantial. Instead, it consistently amplifies the healing output of its bearer.

Recommended Artifacts and Plane for Bailu


Given that Bailu’s healing prowess hinges on his HP, it is imperative to seek out artifacts that bolster this attribute. Additionally, stats like Energy Regeneration Rate, Speed, and Outgoing Healing can significantly benefit Bailu.

  • Teleportation Across Hackerspace: As previously emphasized, expediting the deployment of his Ultimate ability is crucial for Bailu. In this context, speed enables rapid skill execution, translating to expedited Ultimate potential. These two artifact sets synergize exceptionally well, increasing the team’s momentum.
  • Ephemeral of The Eternal: This plane offers the user an extra dose of HP, aligning perfectly with Bailu’s objective of enhancing his healing output. Moreover, the bonus Attack effect benefiting all team members is equally advantageous.

Before looking further into the team composition at Bailu, you could also learn more about Clara Honkai Star Rail, which you can implement further.

Optimal Team Composition and Strategies for Utilizing Bailu


As a dedicated healer, Bailu can seamlessly integrate into any team composition. His skill set, characterized by widespread healing effects, makes him an excellent addition to parties lacking Preservation or Destruction characters.

In combat, Bailu’s foremost goal is to activate his Ultimate ability promptly, enabling him to bestow Invigoration upon all team members. This unique effect grants healing whenever a teammate endures an enemy attack twice.

Subsequently, continue playing in the usual manner. Utilize skills to heal team members in need, and if not, resort to standard attacks. Aim to have an Ultimate ability available every two turns during this period.

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