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Steffie Free Fire: the Best Protector for Rusher Playing Style

Free Fire is well-known for its various characters from different backgrounds. This game has everything, from Muay-Thai masters, and soccer player, to an artist.

This time, we are going to learn more about the artist’s character in Free Fire. She is steffie free fire, a graffiti artist. It is interesting to have this kind of character to play. However, the question is the same. Is she a good choice for battle?

About Steffie Free Fire

Who is she? Other than a 23 years old girl who loves painting on the wall or creating graffiti, this character has an interesting background that you should know. She was the victim of the war in her country. The war was started by Future Horizon. Since she show her talent as an artist when she was a child, the organization hunt her to create a better future, the future without an artist.

Steffie run from her hometown but lost her memories. Therefore, she joined the battleground in Free Fire to gather the fragment of her memories. And, she will remember her past after you help them by gathering those fragments while playing with her character and increasing her levels.

Steffie free fire is a character with more freedom than others. She sees the wall, she makes it the canvas for her graffiti. Because of that, she is hated by society for her vandalism act. However, her battle partner loves her graffiti because it gives them advantages. And, that is related to Steffie’s ability.

Steffie Abilities

Steffie free fire has an ability called Painted Refuge. Through this ability, she can draw graffiti around her that will give various effects on her teammate within the area. Similar to other characters, you can increase her ability level up to level 6.

Once you get that maximum level, it will give the effect of explosion damage reduction of 25% and bullet damage reduction of 5% that work for 10 seconds. The effect of this ability doesn’t stack. So, you should increase its level to make it more powerful.


Here is a more detailed effect you will get per level of ability you can get on steffie free fire.

  • Level 1: Explosion damage reduction by 15%, bullet damage reduction by 5%, activation time – five seconds.
  • Level 2: Explosion damage reduction by 17%, bullet damage reduction by 5%, activation time – six seconds.
  • Level 3: Explosion damage reduction by 19%, bullet damage reduction by 5%, activation time – seven seconds.
  • Level 4: Explosion damage reduction by 21%, bullet damage reduction by 5%, activation time – eight seconds.
  • Level 5: Explosion damage reduction by 23%, bullet damage reduction by 5%, activation time – nine seconds.
  • Level 6: Explosion damage reduction by 25%, bullet damage reduction by 5%, activation time – ten seconds.

How to Get Steffie

You can get with steffie free fire two methods. Buy this character from the shop for 499 Diamonds. The other method is using a Steffie Box for 50 Diamonds. Or, you can buy the Steffie’s Graffiti Bundle for 2.500 Diamonds, where you also get various accessories and equipment for her.

However, if you don’t have enough Diamonds to buy Steffie from the Shop or her bundle, you can get them here from event missions or lucky royale spin.


Best Skill Combination for Steffie

If you want to use steffie free fire in your battle, you can use her only. She is a supporting character. She is not as strong as Chrono or other powerful characters. Therefore, you should pair her with the other Free Fire character that can cover her weakness. Below, we have listed a powerful combination you can try with this cute girl character.

Steffie, Xayne, Jail, or Luqueta

The focus here is increasing the HP. Xayne can increase her HP by 80 points over time, plus add 80% extra damage to gloo walls and shields. Luqueta also can increase his HP by 10 points per kill, with a maximum limit of 50 HP.

Jai, you will need it for faster reload speed, thanks to its auto reload by 30% of magazine capacity every time you knock down an enemy. With Steffie’s protection skill, this combination is perfect for the rush playing style.

Steffie, Chrono, Moco, or Dasha

Chrono can create a bubble shield that absorbs up to 600 damage. Moco can detect enemy locations. While Dasha, decrease the damage after falling from a high place and reduce the recoil when you attack the enemy. This combination will protect steffie free fire, which allows you to prepare for the next attack.

How to Use Steffie

Focus on the rusher’s playing style. Steffie’s protection skills can reduce the damage, so the team can focus on detecting and attacking the enemy. Furthermore, make sure the team also keeps the distance close to Steffie. Her ability only works in close range, so your squad can’t scatter around.

Final Words

Play a supporting character and find the attacker teammate. Those two are how you can use steffie free fire to fight and win in Free Fire. Then, it depends on how well you control the character and fights the enemy.

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