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Things You Need to Know About Olivia Free Fire Character

Free Fire is a game developed by 111dots Studio. A Vietnamese game company. This game was released back in 2017 by Garena for Android and iOS. In 2019, Garena Free Fire became the most popular dan downloaded game.

Later in September 2021, they released Free Fire Max. This game is the graphically enhanced version of Free Fire. There are many characters you can use in Free Fire, today we are going to talk about one of the oldest support characters, the healer, Olivia.

Olivia Free Fire Characteristics

In the game, there are several roles for characters. As an example, Olivia is considered support. She can be equipped with 499 diamonds in the game. Other roles are Rusher, Shotcaller, Flanker, and Sniper. Olivia is a 29-year-old female character.

Her birthday is on 11th October. Her occupation in the game is a nurse. She helps every character equally. In several cases, she has worked with the police. Her power in the game is the “Healing Touch.” This power allows characters to get Healing Points (HP) according to their skill level.

  • Level 1 Healing Points: Players revived will get up with an extra 30 HP.
  • Level 2 Healing Points: Players revived will get up with an extra 36 HP.
  • Level 3 Healing Points: Players revived will get up with an extra 43 HP and an additional intern set.
  • Level 4 Healing Points: Players revived will get up with an extra 51 HP.
  • Level 5 Healing Points: Players revived will get up with an extra 60 HP.
  • Level 6 Healing Points: Players revived will get up with an extra 70 HP and Olivia’s achievement.

Olivia-Free-Fire-Characteri How To Use Olivia in the Game

This healing power makes Olivia Free Fire a reliable character to have on your team. Even though she is the oldest character in the game, she can be paired with other support characters to create a winning team.

Olivia + Kapella + K + Notora

With Kapella’s healing song power, the healer of the team could get more advantage in the healing process. This way, the revived teammates can get more HP. It is an efficient healing process with the combination of the Healing Song skill and Healing Touch.

Meanwhile, Notora can heal teammates infinitely. Making this combination an effective healing process. While K stands to heal teammates every second by exchanging Energy Points (EP) for HP.

Olivia + Clu + Kapella + Notora

The combination between Olivia + Kapella is for healing process efficiency as stated before. Kapella’s skill can boost the healing process by 10% in the first level. While Notora can heal teammates infinitely.

Clu on the other hand acts as a tracker. Her ability can track enemies within 50 meters. And this location is transmitted to the other members. This ability can be used as a team advantage.

Olivia + Dasha + A124 + Laura

This team relies more on offense. Laura is a sniper that acts as the defense. Meanwhile, A124 help Olivia in the healing team. A124 can change 20 EP into HP, making her a healer asset for the team. Dasha’s ability can be used to attack enemies from mid-range.

Olivia + Kelly + Moco + Xayne

Using Kelly can increase teammates’ speed. Meanwhile, Xayne is an extraordinary tracker. This ability is transmitted to other teammates, making it easy to catch the enemies by the surprise. Giving the teams the upper hand.


Tips and Tricks for Using Olivia Free Fire

Never use Olivia as a solo player. Olivia is pretty much useless solo. While playing Free Fire, the important thing is that you have enough HP to survive the game. By using Olivia in a solo game, her HP will keep decreasing and no one would be able to revive her with her powers. Her survival will only be a short process, in which it is destined to be an easy kill. That’s why it isn’t recommended to use Olivia as a solo player.

Other than that, her skill requires perfect timing. Reviving can’t be done in the midst of the battle if you don’t have a tracker in your team. This is because your whole revival mission will be jeopardized by the appearance of the enemy. Olivia’s power also has a fragile nature. In which her power could not be used to revive teammates if there’s no knockout.

Olivia Free Fire is a good support character in the game. Her power is good to survive the battle. In whatever game mode, using her powers needs the right timing and backup. However, it is better to have another healer in the team to combine the skill and brings more advantage to the team.

That is all about the support character, healer Olivia Free Fire. Make sure you have the right teammates that can work together to maximize Olivia’s power. You can also use the recommended combination to create a winning team.

Different characters and different players react differently on the battlefield, so it is also about the experience you have. The tactics used by this character can vary according to the player.

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