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Nikita Free Fire Character Review

Nikita is one of some female characters in the Free Fire game. Nikita Free Fire character is visualized as a woman with a good-looking appearance.

Profile Nikita Free Fire

In the Free Fire game, Nikita is described as a 22-year-old woman. She is still young and seems innocent, but she is actually working as a bodyguard. She can be very aggressive during a battle. She then joins the Free Fire organization. She joined this organization with a mysterious motivation.

This character was initially a skillful sniper since high school.  She has a special task to protect Caroline, the daughter of the Free Fire president.


The special ability of Nikita is usually called a ‘Fire Arms Expert.’ It is a passive skill that makes her deadly when she is involved in one on one battles. By using this ability, she can reload her weapons very quickly. So, whenever the enemies are taking their time reloading their weapons, she is able to attack them quickly.

Nikita’s special ability is varying in some levels. Below is the change of the ability on some levels.

Level 1

In level 1, her special ability of Nikita will increase 4 % faster.

Level 2

In level 2, her special ability of Nikita will increase 8 % faster.

Level 3

In level 3, her special ability of Nikita will increase 12 % faster.

Level 4

In level 4, her special ability of Nikita will increase 24 % faster.

Level 5

In level 5, the bodyguard set will be open.

Generally, the ability is increasing whenever the level is increasing. The higher the level, the faster the reload process.



Besides the strengths, Nikita also has some weaknesses. The special ability that she has is only able to be used when she uses SMG weapons. Since she only uses one weapon, the enemies will be easy to guess the strategy that is used. This absolutely makes her easy to be beaten by the enemies.

In addition, the fast reload process may cause a problem. Due to the fast reload, you may be unaware of the situation. If this happened, enemies especially those who have the silent killer ability will cause great damage to you.

Thus, you should pay more attention to this. Don’t let the enemies attack you freely. Don’t give any chance to your enemies to win the game.

Compatible Characters

As it has some weaknesses, combining this character with some other characters will be a good idea. Seeing the strengths and weaknesses of Nikita, she will be good if she works together with some characters below.


Miguel is one of some male characters in the Free Fire game. He is a member of a special force. As a member of a special force, Miguel has a special ability that enables him to change kill into EP. By collaborating Miguel and Nikita, you can gain more EP. Miguel is also able to be a Flanker character that attacks from the back while Nikita will attack from the front.


The other character that is compatible with Nikita is Maxim. Maxim is the younger sister of Misha. He is also one of the youngest characters in this game.

The special ability that Maxim has is ‘Gluttony.’ By using this ability, he is able to eat many mushrooms. This makes him don’t need many medkits. This helps Nikita to fight without worrying about lacking HP during the battle.


This character is able to help Nikita to increase protection. This is because Andrew has a special ability by strengthening vest up to 12 %.  Nikita is sometimes unaware of the situation so she will need the help of Andrew with the vest protection.


Tips in Playing with Nikita Free Fire Character

Try to Play Aggressively

This character is very suitable to be used in an aggressive battle. She can reload so quickly so that she can fight the battle at a quick tempo. So, make sure to use the chance to play aggressively.

Since she is suitable for aggressive battle, this character has the potential to be the best rusher in Free Fire.

Try to Always Upgrade Your Ability

Using this character often in the battle will make the level keep increasing. Thus, using it often in the game will help to upgrade the ability.

Choose Compatible Partners

In a team battle, choosing compatible partners is absolutely a must-do thing to gain the optimum result. All of the characters in the game have their own strengths and weaknesses which sometimes are supporting each other. Hence, choose a suitable partner with suitable strengths and weaknesses to help you gain the optimum result.

Well, those are some reviews about Nikita Free Fire character. In short, Nikita is a deadly sniper that has been well trained since she was at school. She has some strengths and also weaknesses. To overcome the weaknesses, you can do some tips above.

In order to optimize the characters, some collaborations are needed. The other characters such as Miguel, Maxim, and Andrew are good to collaborate with Nikita.

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