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Know More About Ford Free Fire Character

Free Fire, or known as Garena Free Fire is one of the most famous battle royale games. In 2021 alone, their daily active users reached over 150 million. This game is played in the third person, and despite having been designed for mid and low-specification phones, this game attracts much more users every day.

The storyline follows a mission of up to 50 players parachuting onto an island. In this stage, the player can choose their starting points and weapons. Afterward, they are sent to retrieve weapons and kill as many enemies as they could to survive the battle. Just recently, they released the high-resolution version called Free Fire Max.

Free Fire offers hundreds of unique characters. Each with different abilities and special skill that makes them useful on the battlefield. During their development stage, some early characters are still available to equip in the latest version.

Some of them have such unique skills but are rather useless on the battlefield, making them situational characters only. One of them is Ford Free Fire. Here is some information about Ford for you who wanted to equip this character in the future game.


Ford Free Fire Characteristics

Ford is a 31-year-old male character. In the game, he is narrated as a US Navy naval officer. His motive for coming to the island is to find his girlfriend, Nurse Olivia.

He is a supporting character just like his girlfriend. But unlike her, Ford is a defense character. His ability is to reduce damage outside of the safe zone, known as the Iron Will skill. This skill varies according to the level.

  • Level 1: Reduce damage outside of the safe zone by 4%
  • Level 2: Reduce damage outside of the safe zone by 8%
  • Level 3: Reduce damage outside of the safe zone by 12%
  • Level 4: Reduce damage outside of the safe zone by 16%
  • Level 5: Unlock the Cadet uniform
  • Level 6: Reduce damage outside of the safe zone by 20%
  • Level 7: Unlock Ford’s achievement
  • Level 8: Reduce damage outside of the safe zone by 24%

Despite the highest level being reducing damage up to 24%, this character isn’t the players’ favorite. Players tend to cling to safety and aren’t interested in testing Ford’s special ability.

Besides, the defensive shield won’t hold for long. But Ford Free Fire is considered a useful character, with only 2000 gold to equip him. Making him one of the cheapest characters in the game.

How to Use Ford in the Game

Ford + Clu + Maro + Shirou

Clu is useful to track enemies within 50 meters range. This location gets shared with other teammates. While Shirou can shoot mid-range and inflicts 50% higher armor penetration. Maro on the other hand can damage their enemies. This damage increases with distance and the highest are 5%. This is due to Maro’s Falcon Fervor.

Ford + Xayne + Jota + D-bee

Xayne is an Extreme Encounter. This provides her 100 HP boost as well as 50% damage to the ice walls and Chrono’s shield. Jota is a healer with the ability to recover 10% of HP after frag. D-Bee increases accuracy up to 20% and also increases teammates’ speed up to 5%.

Ford + Chrono + Shirou + Leon

This combination creates a fatal effect on the enemy. Chrono’s ability to create a force field allows the team to deliver attacks in under 5 seconds. Meanwhile, Shirou has the damage-delivered skill, allowing 50% more armor penetration. While Ford reduces damage outside of the safe zone and Leon can recover five health points if they survive the combat on the battlefield.

Ford + Miguel + K + Alvaro

In this case, K can increase the EP up to 50 and can do Jiu Jitsu and Psychological attacks. With every attack, Miguel recovers 30 EP that can be turned into HP. Alvaro’s abilities is amplifying the damage to the enemy by up to 10%.


Tips and Tricks for Using Ford Free Fire

Since this ability only works outside of the safe zone, then you might need to take care. By this, your characters only rely upon blood while attacking the enemy. To maximize your chance of surviving the battle, find a first aid kit so you can stay out of the safe zone a little bit longer.

Sadly, this ability can’t be turned on or off, so it will become useless. Even though seen as the underdog, Ford’s ability is very unique. No other characters can survive longer than Ford outside the safe zone. Another choice you have to prolong your survival is to use Gloo Walls. This is useful as an additional wall to cover yourself in a close combat situation.

That is all about our Naval Officer, Ford Free Fire. Again, his special skills are very special, but they can not be used in all kinds of battles. With a great pair of the team, it would be guaranteed to be a winning one.

Weirdly enough, even though Ford is connected to the characters Olivia, their characters aren’t a match. Olivia Free Fire can’t help Ford when he needs revival outside of the safe zone, making his life purely survival.

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