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Tips PUBG Mobile Gear Front Mode: A Guide to Success

Following a recent update, Gear Front emerged as a fresh addition to PUBG Mobile’s gaming landscape. This mode introduces players to eight new skills, offering an exciting twist to gameplay dynamics.

Gamers now have the opportunity to delve into Gear Front mode across various maps, including familiar terrains like Erangel and Livik, alongside the newly introduced Nusa map. Among these, Nusa stands out as an ideal playground for experiencing the nuances of Gear Front mode.

What sets Gear Front mode apart, and how can players successfully navigate its challenges to emerge victorious?

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Explanation of PUBG Mobile’s Gear Front Mode

Gear Front mode in PUBG Mobile introduces players to a selection of 8 distinct skills designed to aid in securing victory within the game. Each skill serves a unique purpose, offering players strategic advantages. These eight skills include:

  • Playzone Analysis
  • Vehicle AirDrop
  • Supply Scan
  • Gliding Dolls
  • Black Market
  • Trace
  • Lucky Backpack
  • Healing Smoke

Moreover, players encounter specific missions integral to the Royale Pass progression within Gear Front mode. Two missions are particularly relevant in Gear Front mode:

  • Complete five battles in classic mode – Gear Front
  • Explore Strange Town 3 times in classic mode – Gear Front

To fulfill the first mission, engage in Gear Front mode matches regularly. The objective is straightforward: participate in 5 matches, regardless of the match outcome, to advance in completing the mission.

Conversely, the second mission necessitates the exploration of the Erangel map. Specifically, head to Stalber or the western coast, south of Georgopol, to locate Strange Town. Repeat this exploration three times to successfully fulfill the mission requirement.

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In summary, this discussion highlights the features of Gear Front mode and provides clear instructions on accomplishing associated missions, ensuring players’ understanding and clarity moving forward.

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