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Tips Clutch in PUBG Mobile for Becoming a Strong Player

In the PUBG Mobile game, clutch is a term used to describe the situation where a player manages to win a match despite facing more enemies.

This term usually occurs when a player has to survive alone after his teammates have been eliminated. If you are one of the players who wants to be the “last man standing” and win the Chicken Dinner, you need to know the tips below.

Tips for Clutch in PUBG Mobile

As a player, you want to stay alive until the last zone. Therefore, you need tricks to be able to clutch. The following are some tips for clutch in PUBG Mobile:

1. Understand the Situation

The first thing to do is understand the situation that is happening. Please find out how many enemies there are, their locations, and what weapons they use. By understanding the situation, you can plan to better deal with the enemy.

If you have to survive alone, it is vital to maintain a safe position. Look for a place that protects from enemy fire, such as behind a building or vehicle.

2. Use Covers


Using a cover can protect yourself from enemy fire in the game. Never stand in the open because you will become an easy target for the enemy.

Clutch can be a very stressful situation. Therefore, it is essential to stay calm and focused. If you panic, it can be detrimental because it will be easier for you to make mistakes.

There are various types of covers that you can use in PUBG, such as buildings, vehicles, and trees. Choose a cover that can protect you from enemy fire but also allows you to keep moving and attacking.

Some covers in PUBG can be damaged by enemy fire. If you use a damaged body, you can be shot by the enemy behind the cover.

3. Use Utilities Wisely

Utilities such as grenades and smoke grenades can help in winning clutches. Use utilities wisely to provide benefits for you. Even if you are in a difficult position, never give up. Keep trying, and you’ll succeed in winning the clutch.

4. Practice Aim and Recoil Control

Aim and recoil control are essential skills for the clutch. Practice aiming and recoil control regularly to improve your shooting skills. The more often you practice, the better your aim and recoil control will be. Make time every day to practice, even if only for a little while.

Attachments can help improve aim and recoil control. Use attachments that suit the weapon you are using.

5. Master the Map

Study the map well to find a safe and strategic location. You can also use your knowledge of the map to predict enemy movements. PUBG Mobile frequently updates maps. Follow map developments so you can get all the information. The more you play, the better you will understand the map. Practice regularly to improve your skills.

6. Use Weapons with Lots of Bullets


Clutch requires a lot of bullets because the number of enemies that must be killed is not just one player. Apart from that, the small amount of time needed to reload can make it difficult to face new enemies.

We also recommend using a weapon that has an auto-fire mode. Avoid weapons that use semi-auto or burst weapons to make controlling your aim at the enemy easier.

7. Appropriate Slam or Crosshair Reflex

When clutching, a fast and precise crosshair reflex is needed. How do you train it? You can start by getting used to spending time in the Training Room.

When visiting the Training Room, you can try shooting targets with reflexes or fast crosshair swings. Apart from that, you can increase the sensitivity percentage of the gyroscope and ads you use to move the crosshair more quickly.

8. Don’t Reload Every Time you Shoot

Reloading a weapon takes time, which the enemy can use to shoot you face-to-face. If you have 40 bullets, try with just 10-15 shots you can paralyze the enemy. So, with 40 bullets, you can get at least two enemies.

9. Stay Calm, Train Mentally

If you use a gyro, try to stay calm while doing the gyro. Many players are nervous until their hands shake and make the screen unstable. When the screen is unstable, or there is a lot of vibration or movement, the crosshair you aim at the enemy will also become dangerous. So it could make the shot miss.

10. Energy Full

Suppose you only have a little life left. In that case, you should prioritize drinking or drinking first before you push because the different amounts you have to face are different for your strengths. You have to prepare for more lives.

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