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A Step By Step Troubleshooting PUBG Can’t Login with Facebook

Can’t login issues with your PUBG account on Facebook can cause concern, but there’s no need to panic. Such problems are common in the world of PUBG, and practical solutions exist to restore your account connectivity. This guide will explore the reasons behind the login problem and provide step-by-step methods to overcome it.

Understanding Why PUBG Accounts Can’t Log In to Facebook


Several factors may contribute to the inability to log in to your PUBG Mobile account via Facebook. Common issues include server authentication errors, ongoing maintenance, or server downtime. 

While waiting for server recovery is a viable option, other potential causes, such as internet connection problems, device issues, or even being banned by PUBG Mobile, should also be considered.

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Solving the PUBG Login Issue


To address the PUBG login problem with Facebook, consider the following solutions:

1. Reset Internet Connection

Begin by troubleshooting your internet connection, mainly if you are using shared WiFi. Resetting your internet connection might resolve the issue. If you still cannot log in despite smooth browsing, it indicates that the problem lies elsewhere.

2. Update Access Data

Expired or outdated access data on Facebook could be preventing your login. This often occurs when an account remains inactive for more than 90 days. To renew access, navigate to Facebook settings, select Apps and Website options, and click the Expired tab.

3. Check for Account Bans

If the previous methods prove unsuccessful, investigate whether your account has been banned. Banned accounts usually involve multiple violations, such as cheating or reports from other players. Look for any notifications explaining the ban and address the issues accordingly.

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Encountering difficulties logging in to PUBG through Facebook is a common challenge, but following these step-by-step solutions can increase your chances of resolving the issue. Remember to check for server status, address internet connection problems, update access data on Facebook, and ensure your account is not banned for any violations.

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