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Tips to Maximize Alok Free Fire in the Battles

As a DJ, Alok free fire is a cool 28 years old young man. He also has a special survivor ability just like what he loves. Some Free Fire players prefer to use DJ Alok because of its appearance and his special survival ability.

How about you? Do you want to use this character in the Free Fire battles but aren’t sure yet? Check the details of this character below to ensure whether you should use him or not.

DJ Alok Free Fire’s Profile 

DJ Alok is passionate about music. He even dares to leave Brazil to travel around the world using the power of music. Alok also has signed a contract to hold an exclusive concert on Free Fire’s battleground island.

This concert is only for VIP guests. Interestingly, DJ Alok is inspired by a real musician known as Alok Achkar Peres Petrillo. He is the son of DJ Swarup and DJ Ekanta. So, Alok has been in a family with DJ since he was a kid.

His parents are the pioneers in the electronic music industry in Brazil. Nowadays, DJ Alok was included on the list of the best DJ by DJ Mag in 2019. Due to his great achievements, Free Fire chooses him to become one of the male characters. Drop the beat is his special survival ability.

DJ Alok’s Special Survival Ability

Since he loves music and is a DJ, Free Fire develops a special survival ability known as the drop the beat for Alok. This special ability helps to create a 5m aura to increase moving and sprinting speed and restore HP.

It even makes him can’t be stacked. His level affects the moving speed, sprinting speed, HP, and CD. For example, the drop the beat creates a 5m aura that increases moving speed and sprinting speed by 10 percent at level 1. At this level, this ability can restore 5 HP per second for 5 seconds and CD for 70 seconds.

At level 2, the 5m aura can increase the moving and sprinting speed by 11 percent. Alok can restore 6 HP/s for 5 seconds and CD for 66 seconds. The higher the level, the higher the percentage of the moving and sprinting speed.

For instance, the 5m aura can increase the moving and sprinting speed by 15 percent at level 6. It also restores 5 HP/s for 10 seconds and CD for 50 seconds. You will also receive Alok’s banner.

The Benefits of DJ Alok in Free Fire 

Some players prefer using DJ Alok in free fire because of his skill. It becomes one of the most popular male characters in some countries. So, why do players love this character? Check the reason below.

His Special Survivor Ability

Free Fire players love Alok’s drop-the-beat ability. This ability increases his running movement. Interestingly, Alok can heal in a limited period. Despite its limited period, automatic healing can help players to survive a bit longer, especially in hard situations.

His Flexibility

DJ Alok is a flexible character. You can combine him with aggressive characters to kill enemies in a few shoots. On the other hand, DJ Alok is also strong enough to protect the battle team. Thanks to his strong and wide buff.

The Best Partners for DJ Alok in Free Fire Battles

Due to its personality, characters, and ability, DJ Alok is suitable for all characters in Free Fire. Indeed, Alok will be more powerful than some characters. We have a recommendation for you before using Alok as your character in a Free Fire combat.

Shirou, Moco, and Kelly

These three characters are perfect to accompany DJ Alok free fire in the battles. Shirou has a great passive ability. He can mark an enemy and deal 50 percent armor penetration on the first shot.

Just like Shirou, Moco can also mark enemies and cover DJ Alok’s drawbacks. Kelly has a similar ability as DJ Alok. She can boost the movement speed while running or attacking enemies.

Kapella, Maxim, and Moco

It is a good combination if you love to fight with a defensive strategy. Kapella’s special survivor ability can help DJ Alok to heal faster. In case you have to use a health pack, Maxim can support you to use it faster.

In this combination, DJ Alok can lead the team and play a bit aggressively to kill enemies. On the other hand, the three other players can support him to know the enemy’s position and keep him alive longer.

Jota, D-Bee, and Antonio

Jota has a unique ability in that he receives some HP by shooting the opponent. He even receives 10 percent of HP when killing an enemy. Antonio can also increase HP due to his passive ability. At the same time, DJ Alok can move faster with great shooting accuracy because of D-Bee.

Recommended Weapons for DJ Alok


It is a recommended gun for beginner players because it is easy to use. M4A1 is suitable for DJ Alok because it has a high fire rate and accuracy. Despite the average damage level, you can still shoot an enemy effectively while protected by Alok’s buffer.


SKS is perfect if you want to use Alok free fire to kill in long-range combat. You can kill an enemy faster due to its high damage and range level. Indeed, this character needs a gun with a high accuracy level to kill its enemies fast.

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