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Top 10 Crowd Control Heroes in Mobile Legends

Are you ready to storm the Land of Dawn and claim victory in Mobile Legends? Well, buckle up, because we’ve got the ultimate list of crowd control heroes that will leave your enemies stunned and powerless! In 2023, crowd control heroes are the name of the game, and we’ve handpicked the best of the best to help you dominate the battlefield.

Top 10 Crowd Control Heroes in Mobile Legends

1. Moskov

Moskov is here to pierce through enemy lines like a fortress on wheels! His Skill 2 is now packed with even more crowd control, making it a formidable force to reckon with. Mastering the art of using this skill to pin foes against walls in the Land of Dawn will make you unstoppable!

2. Gatotkacha

Get ready to be amazed by the Indonesian wayang legend, Gatotkacha! As a tank hero, his crowd control abilities are beyond extraordinary. When he unleashes his Guardian Avatar Zone, enemies are in for a breathtaking ride as they soar, defenseless against your team’s onslaught!

3. Paquito


Paquito is a quirky fighter with serious crowd control prowess. His ultimate knocks and pushes opponents around, leaving them vulnerable to your barrage of attacks. With his passive and combo abilities, you can consistently lock down your opponents, giving them no chance to escape your clutches!

4. Minotaur

Don’t underestimate the Minotaur, for he possesses skills that deal devastating damage and send foes flying through the air with his Minoan Fury. Watch out, though; his anger must be harnessed wisely, and enemies will tremble in fear when he unleashes his fury!

5. Khufra

Khufra brings the thunder with his powerful AoE crowd control, wreaking havoc on the enemy team. His skill set is easy to use, yet the impact is immense. Get ready to stun your foes and pave the way for your team’s victory!

6. Kaja


Kaja’s ultimate ability is the stuff of nightmares for the enemy team. With the power to bind and pull opponents towards him, he turns enemies into his playthings. This single-target crowd control is a game-changer in various lineups.

7. Akai

Akai has undergone a fantastic transformation, making him a favorite among players. His long-range skill inflicts debilitating debuffs and devastating damage based on his max HP. His Wind Dance skill now packs a stronger punch, and he can dish out massive damage while receiving bonus damage in return!

8. Chou


Chou is the king of deadly combos and a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. With his crowd control abilities, he can solo kill enemies with ease. Watch out for his Split Push counter, as it could turn the game’s tide in a blink of an eye!

9. Lolita

Lolita’s resilience is unmatched, and her shield is a lifeline for herself and her team. Armed with her shield, she easily protects her allies from frontal attacks. Get ready to be an impenetrable fortress and a game-changing crowd control force!

10. Selena

Selena’s traps are as deadly as they are cunning. She possesses a potent slow and her infamous stun that can leave opponents dazed and vulnerable. Master the art of her stuns, and you’ll become a formidable force, controlling the battlefield with your every move!

So there you have it, the top 10 crowd control heroes of 2023 in Mobile Legends! Who is your favorite hero among these masters of mayhem? Let us know in the comments below, and remember to follow UniPin on social media for more exciting Mobile Legends content!

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