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Top 15 Best Mobile Survival Games

Discover our top selections for the finest survival games available on mobile, allowing you to immerse yourself in thrilling worlds filled with zombies, dinosaurs, creepers, and much more.

Embark on a cruel and challenging journey as you explore virtual landscapes that are even harsher than your reality. Survival games on mobile require you to prove yourself as the fittest, adapting and thriving in unforgiving environments. These games are exceptionally well-suited for portable devices, offering the opportunity to lead others to victory or, in some cases, witness their unfortunate demise – though I often find myself in the latter category. Better them than me, right?

Top 15 Best Mobile Survival Games

If the idea of being stranded on an island and seeking your own “Wilson” isn’t your cup of tea, don’t fret. We’ve covered you with a list of the best games similar to Stardew Valley, where you can unwind and enjoy a more relaxed gaming experience. 

Alternatively, if you crave a more intense survival challenge, we recommend exploring our picks for the best Resident Evil games. Brace yourself for encounters with crazy villagers, hordes of zombies, and ferocious dogs – you’ll need all the luck you can get!

1. LifeAfter


LifeAfter stands out as a recent addition to the survival game genre. Similar to other post-apocalyptic games, it revolves around a devastating virus that wipes out a large portion of humanity, turning some into monsters. In this harsh world, your primary objective is to stay alive, facing hordes of monsters, gathering resources, crafting essential items, and adapting to challenging circumstances. 

Building safe havens, acquiring medical skills for treating injuries, and scavenging for food become essential for survival. The game boasts commendable graphics and intuitive controls. While the free-to-play elements are slightly stressful, they do not pose significant issues.

2. Undawn

The Garena Undawn game is a “survival shooter” video game. Garena Undawn is a game developed by Garena. These games are designed to be played on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

The Garena Undawn game offers an open-world gaming experience with a post-apocalyptic theme. Players must survive in a world inhabited by zombies and other dangerous creatures.

3. Last Day on Earth: Survival


Last Day on Earth: Survival is a top-rated mobile survival game requiring players to scavenge resources, steal items, engage in crafting, and combat adversaries to ensure survival. One can find shooting elements and a zombie apocalypse scenario within its gameplay. Additionally, a robust YouTube community offers valuable insights, tips, tricks, and tutorials for players seeking to improve their skills. 

The game is available for free, but players have the option to make in-game purchases to gain advantages. Interestingly, opting not to buy anything adds an extra layer of challenge to surviving, which some players appreciate. While it offers entertainment value, individuals who generally prefer non-free-to-play games may find it less appealing. The latest trailer for the game is provided below, albeit without a thumbnail.

4. Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad

Being involved in a plane crash can leave you stranded in the vast ocean, relying solely on a raft for survival. In such a situation, survival is not just about having enough food and water; it also involves coping with intense heat, stormy weather, and potential shark attacks, which all pose serious threats to your well-being.

To increase your chances of survival, you must creatively utilize the resources and debris floating in the ocean. By crafting essential items and equipment, you can ensure your safety and security while adrift on the raft. Raft Survival offers a realistic experience, allowing you to imagine what it truly feels like to be stranded in the middle of the ocean, struggling to stay alive. How well would you fare as an ocean nomad? Play the game to find out!

5. Ark: Survival Evolved


Ark: Survival Evolved is an enthralling survival adventure game featuring city-building elements. In this game, players establish a home base, construct their sanctuary, tame dinosaurs, and defend against marauders and other threats. Players must gradually develop their arsenal, structures, resources, and various other assets starting with nothing but their wits. 

The game follows a free-to-play model, with the option of an optional subscription that grants players access to various perks. Ark: Survival Evolved offers social interaction with friends, a comprehensive crafting system, and a vast expanse of uncharted territory to explore. Its visually stunning graphics make the game highly optimized for high-end screens, ensuring an exceptional gaming experience.

6. Days After

“Days After” is a well-known zombie survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world teeming with the undead. The primary objective is simple: survive at all costs, as the relentless pursuit of zombies leaves little room for anything else.

Facing a zombie apocalypse can be a truly horrifying experience, but you won’t be alone in this nightmarish scenario. The game allows you to seek out fellow survivors, form alliances, and embark on joint adventures to explore diverse locations, complete quests, battle hordes of zombies, and ultimately discover the mysteries behind the apocalyptic catastrophe.

7. Frostborn


Frostborn stands out from typical survival games due to its unique blend of co-op and MMORPG features. The game’s backdrop is Midgard, a once serene medieval Viking land, now shrouded in darkness by the goddess Hel, resulting in abandonment.

To reclaim Midgard, you must gather essential food and resources while honing your crafting skills to create powerful weapons and equipment for defending against the relentless army of the undead. Moreover, during the chaos, you’ll face the added challenge of safeguarding your resources and base from other players. Embrace the multitude of trials that lie ahead, assert your dominance, and embody the spirit of a true Viking ruler.

8. The Wanderer

The Wanderer is one of the most captivating survival games on mobile platforms. Rather than relying on complex controls or cutting-edge graphics, the game centers around decision-making, shaping the course of the gameplay while allowing players to observe the consequences. 

One exciting aspect is the ability to take in a wild dog as a companion to assist in finding supplies. However, caring for it becomes a mutual responsibility as it requires food and water. The game gradually increases in difficulty as you progress, but the progression feels organic and satisfying. With many activities available, such as picking locks and embarking on quests to eliminate bandits, The Wanderer offers an extensive and enjoyable experience. It’s undoubtedly a hidden gem in the realm of mobile survival games.

9. Rebel Inc

Rebel Inc may not be categorized as a survival game but it delivers a similarly intense experience. Assuming the role of a leader, your objective is to stabilize a war-torn region. Tasks include:

Rebuilding the society.

  • Implementing essential services like clean water.
  • Gaining support from the local population.
  • However, the challenges continue. 

You must also combat corruption, handle insurgent attacks, and manage a constant flow of pressing matters that demand your attention and resources. As you progress through the rounds, the game takes on the feel of a survival game, even though its official genre is strategy simulation. It offers a challenging and exhilarating gameplay experience.

10. Radiation City Free


After four decades after the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster, a significant incident leads you to the secluded town of Pripyat. The consequences of this event have resulted in various anomalies, with strange creatures roaming the open world.

Prepare yourself with essential resources and equipment to safeguard against these unfamiliar beings. If you relish peculiar and thrilling escapades, you’ll thoroughly enjoy exploring the desolate Radiation City, brimming with unexpected discoveries. Let’s hope Chernobyl can one day be restored to its past splendor.

11. The Last Fortress: Underground

Join an adventure with a band of survivors as they construct a formidable fortress to protect themselves from the zombie-infested world. Each survivor possesses unique skills, such as doctors, miners, soldiers, and more, contributing to the stronghold’s survival. Welcome refugees and assemble a skilled team to overcome various challenges.

During the chaos, Last Fortress: Underground skillfully lightens the atmosphere with humorous dialogues during crucial moments. Laughter becomes a valuable coping mechanism for surviving in a world overrun by zombies. Take charge of building and managing a thriving community, eradicating the zombie threat, and ensuring humanity’s survival hangs in the balance!

12. Dysmantle

Dysmantle presents a typical survival game, following the conventional layout where players commence with minimal possessions and strive to collect resources while constructing a secure shelter. A unique feature of this game is the ability to dismantle nearly everything in the environment to utilize as building materials. 

Additionally, players will encounter adversaries to combat or evade, a crafting system for creating essential items, and a range of tools to facilitate their survival journey. While the basic premise aligns with other survival games, Dysmantle distinguishes itself through its exceptional presentation, making it an easy recommendation for enthusiasts of this genre. This game stands out as one of the commendable ones in its category.

13. Doom & Destiny Worlds


Doom & Destiny Worlds is a delightful blend of a light survival game and an RPG, featuring SNES-era graphics that evoke nostalgia for older gamers. The game begins with a party that suffers from amnesia, and as you progress, you’ll need to gather resources, craft items, level up your party, and navigate through the game’s challenges. While the survival aspects are manageable, you must still be mindful of potential dangers like drowning while exploring islands. 

Some fans of the previous Doom & Destiny games express their reservations about its departure from the gameplay of its predecessors. However, when viewed as a standalone survival RPG, it still offers a pretty enjoyable experience. The classic combat mode is also recommended for those seeking a more traditional gaming experience than the default starting mode.

14. Day R Survival

Day R Survival is an impressive free-to-play game set in the Soviet Union. With a vast map containing 2,700 locations, players can explore various areas. The game offers diverse discovery items, adding to the immersive survival experience. Players must face the challenges of hunger, zombie encounters, and avoiding radiation exposure. 

Additionally, Day R Survival features an RPG-style skill progression system, allowing players to enhance their shelter-building, mechanics, and chemistry abilities. Despite being a freemium game, it surprisingly offers a deep and engaging survival experience, making it enjoyable for an extended period.

15. Crashlands

Crashlands offers an astonishing array of gaming elements, combining RPG, survival, action, adventure, and even monster collecting into one captivating experience. The storyline revolves around an intergalactic trucker stranded on an alien planet. As the player, your mission is to battle adversaries, construct a base, retrieve lost packages, and protect the world from evil forces. With a vast array of crafting options, the game provides over 500 items to create, and you can even tame creatures to aid you in combat. 

Unlike traditional survival games, you won’t perish from neglecting basic needs like eating, which might not appeal to purists. Nevertheless, the game excels in its creature hunting, item collecting, home building, and crafting mechanics, surpassing many other titles. Additionally, Crashlands offers cloud-saving support and achievements, providing a seamless gaming experience. Priced reasonably, it is one of the most distinctive survival games available. Moreover, if you have a Google Play Pass subscription, you can enjoy this gem for free.

Those are some things about Mobile Survival Games; I hope you can play safely and comfortably with this article and have fun. Want to top up mobile games? Only on UniPin right now!

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