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Best Android Zombie Games to Pump Your Adrenaline

The zombie genre that was once just a niche has now evolved into a popular genre and continues to prove its strength to survive in the games industry. Zombie is one of the most versatile elements in video games, as it applies to almost all major video game genres like action, strategy, and RPG. If you own an android device, there are a lot of zombie games android that you can play.

With thousands of android zombie games released every month, finding the best one can be difficult. So, this article compiles several zombie games into a comprehensive list of zombie games for android.

Death Road to Canada

Who could’ve thought that traveling to a different country can be so thrilling? Especially, when zombies are involved. At least that’s what Noodlecake, the Canadian-based mobile game developer, offered to android mobile gamers with their games called Death Road to Canada.

Death Road to Canada is a roguelike action RPG centered around a cross-country adventure from Florida to Canada. This zombie game allows you to manage a group of people to explore cities, meet odd people, and kill hordes of zombies.

Compared to the average shooter games, Death Road to Canada offers something fresh for the zombie game category. For those reasons, Death Road to Canada is one of the best zombie games for android.

Plants vs. Zombies

Tower defense is one of the undying game genres available today. With different variations popping up every month, it is often difficult to find the best zombie-themed tower defense game for android. For that reason, we highly recommend one of the classic zombie-themed tower defense games titled Plants vs. Zombies.

In Plants vs. Zombies, you’re tasked to defend your home from zombie attacks using a variety of plants. Some of the plants you can choose have the ability to shoot, incinerate, and even stomp the attacking hordes of zombies.

However, you also need to manage your resource effectively to be able to deploy those plants. With the fun and engaging gameplay, Plants vs. Zombies is the best android zombie game available.


Organ Trail: Director’s Cut

As previously mentioned, the zombie theme is one of the most versatile game themes. It applies to a wide variety of game genres, including RPG, action, and adventure. The versatility of the zombie theme is proven by the release of Organ Trail: Director’s Cut.

As you can see, Organ Trail: Director’s Cut is a parody of the classic adventure game Oregon Trail. However, instead of managing the 19th-century pioneer, you will manage a group of people to survive the zombie apocalypse.

As a player, you’ll be tasked to perform various survival-related tasks, including scavenging, managing resources, and fighting off various enemies.

Like Death Road to Canada, Organ Trail: Director’s Cut also presents something unique to the zombie games genre. Since it can be played offline, Organ Trail: Director’s Cut is one of the best offline zombie games for android.

Into the Dead 2

The thrilling and simple premise are some of the selling points of endless runner games. With many endless runners already available on the market, developers have tried their best to come out with exciting titles. As a result, the zombie-themed endless runner game Into the Dead was born.

As you can see, Into the Dead 2 is a sequel to the success of Into the Dead runner game released by PIKPOK in 2013. Unlike the previous game, this second iteration received a more intense action-focused gameplay. However, the action-focused gameplay doesn’t ruin the atmospheric zombie game we already know and love.

To conclude, Into the Dead 2 is the perfect sequel to Into the Dead. For this reason, Into the Dead 2 is one of the best zombie games for android.


Stupid Zombies 3

The fact that Angry Birds game is one of the most successful mobile game franchises is undeniable. However, have you ever thought to combine a similar gameplay mechanic with a zombie? If you do, Stupid Zombies 3 may be your best offline zombie game for android.

Stupid Zombies 3 tasked the player to eliminate all zombies in one level in the most efficient ways possible. However, it is not as simple as you think since you need to cope with crazy terrains that obstruct your shot.

Luckily, you can utilize the available weapons in your arsenal to make the most out of each shot. So, not only is it the best zombie android games but Stupid Zombies 3 can also be your best strategic shooting game.

The Walking Dead Series

If you love horror comic books, chances are you’re already familiar with Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead. After being adapted into several TV shows, the comic book received a video game adaptation released in 2012 for the major systems. The android version of the game was released later in 2014.

Like the original console game, Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead tasked the players to make various decisions to ensure the survival of the characters. Presented in the point-and-click mechanic, the Walking Dead relies heavily on storytelling instead of action.

However, a small portion of the game still includes shooting mechanics. If you love a narrative-driven zombie game, the Walking Dead series can be your best Zombie game android.

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