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The Best PS1 Games to Play on Android Devices

If you’re old enough, you will have a fond memory of playing some games on the Playstation 1. Initially released in 1994, the PS1 is the home system for countless video games, such as Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, Spyro the Dragon, etc. Since mobile games are becoming more popular, some of you may wonder, how can I play PS1 games on android?

This article explains how to play some of your favorite PS1 games on your android devices. Also, we will recommend some of our favorite PS1 games you can play on your mobile devices. So, without further ado, here’s how you can play PS1 games on Android.


How to Play PS1 Games on Android

If you wish to bring back your old memory of playing some games on the PS1, you can download and play PS1 games that have been officially ported to android OS. As of today, there are a handful of PS1 games you can find on the Google Play Store, such as the Final Fantasy Series, Chrono Trigger, and other PS1 games released by Square Enix. However, if you want to play PS1 games that haven’t been officially ported to android, you have to use a PS1 emulator for Android.

As the name suggests, a PS1 emulator will emulate the PS1 console system on your android devices. The emulator lets you play various PS1 game bios you can download from the internet. There are countless PS1 emulators available for Android. But, for the sake of simplicity, we will only recommend the ePSXe emulator available for $3.75 on the Google Play Store.

Besides the ePSXe emulator, you will also need several items. First, you need to download the PS1 BIOS. Simply put, the BIOS file acts as an activation key for your emulator. In addition, you’ll also need to install an archive manager, such as ZArchiver or RAR to unpack the BIOS files. Lastly, you need to download the PS1 game BIOS you wish to play on your android devices.

How to Use PS1 Emulator on Android

Once all your files are ready, you need to configure the PS1 emulator before starting playing the game. Below is the complete instruction on how to use the PS1 emulator on android.

  • Open your preferred archive manager app and navigate to the folder where you download the BIOS file. Then, select the BIOS file and extract it to a separate folder. The folder will be named after your extracted file name.
  • Still using the same archive manager app, go to the folder directory where you keep your downloaded PS1 game BIOS. Extract the PS1 games android BIOS using the same procedure as the first step to a separate folder.
  • Open the installed ePSXe Emulator and choose the Run Bios option to automatically search for the extracted BIOS files.
  • Once the process is finished, click the Run Game option at the top of the menu. To play your favorite game, select the .bin file from the folder you’ve extracted the game files before. Finally, you can play PS1 games on Android.


Best PS1 Games to Emulate on Android

If you were an avid PS1 gamer in the past, you must have several games you considered to be your favorite. So, here are our best PS1 games you can play on android devices.

Gran Turismo

Grand Turismo is a racing game originally released for the PS1 console in 1998. Being 24 years old, the original Gran Turismo may not be the best racing game today. However, if you want to relieve your fond memory of playing the racing game, you can emulate Gran Turismo on your android devices.

Tekken 3

If you want to re-experience your childhood memory of fighting Jin Kazama, Ling Xiaoyu, or Eddy Gordo, you can emulate Tekken 3 on your Android devices. As you may know, Tekken is one of the most successful fighting game franchises aside from Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Thanks to the ePSXe, the fighting excitement of Tekken 3 is now available at your fingertip.

Spyro the Dragon

Spyro the Dragon resides in most classic gamers’ brains as one of the most beloved adventure games on PS1. It is also a humble beginning of the now-successful Spyro games franchise. If you want to relive your journey of defeating Gnasty Gnorc with Spyro and Sparx, you can emulate Spyro the Dragon with the ePSXe.

Metal Gear Solid

Sneaking to the enemy’s base and eliminating all threats are only a few things you can do in Metal Gear Solid. The stealth game was Initially released for the PS1 in 1998. Thanks to the ePSXe emulator, you can now play this thrilling Hideo Kojima game on your android devices.

Final Words

So, those are some of the best PS1 games and how to play them on your android devices. Android devices may not be the most ideal way to play PS1 games. However, if you don’t have a console that can support the games, using a PS1 emulator for android can be your best option. Also, remember to always purchase the official ePSXe emulator from the Google Play Store. Finally, enjoy your PS1 games android!

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