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8 Educational and Easy Games Android for Toddlers

Early childhood is a critical period of a person’s life. While limiting screen time is recommended for toddlers, it doesn’t mean that gadgets like Android can’t be beneficial for your little one.

In fact, many games on Android can help you stimulate your kids. They don’t only offer recreational activities but also educational purposes, allowing them to be entertained and learn new things at once. Here are some easy games Android perfect for your toddlers to help you improve your kids’ skills.

#1. Lola’s Alphabet Train

This game is a perfect Android game to choose if you want to introduce the alphabet to your toddlers. Lola’s Alphabet Train is specially developed for children from 3 to 7 years old.

Here, your little ones will find letters to learn by identifying them. Though the game sounds so simple, it will be a fun way for your kids to help them remember the alphabet.

In Lola’s Alphabet Train, your little ones will be required to drag and drop “individual letters”. Then, they can use these letters to form a word. Not only that but you can also use it as a matching memory game for your children.

In this way, they can be more associated with letters easily. As the skills of your children improve, the games will be also more challenging but still fun.

#2. Thinkrolls 2

Do you want your kids to train their logic? Or do you want them to develop abilities to overcome different situations? Well, this game will be a perfect tool to help your little ones. The reason is that Thinkrolls 2 comes with different puzzles that your kids need to complete.

Additionally, the game also has pleasant graphics to keep your children attracted. With the game, your little ones will squeeze their brains to practice some logical thinking.


#3. Toca Life World

Toca Life World is a great game to play if your children love stories. However, this game is not just telling stories for your kids and encourages them to think creatively. Instead, Toca Life World will help your kids to create an ideal world. Here, your little ones will be empowered to create the best stories to happen in it.

Toca Life World can help your children to spark their imaginations. Not only that but the game will also make them learn more about the world they live in. On top of that, Toca Life World is designed with the children’s perspective in mind.

As a result, the game can be encouraged to be creative and playful. The most important thing is that Toca Life World empowers your little ones to be who they want to be.

#4. Preschool Learning Games for Kids

This is one of the easy games Android with educational purposes for preschoolers. Being developed for preschool ages, the game is perfect to be played before your kids learn the alphabet.

These Preschool Learning Games for Kids will help your little ones to learn about various basic skills needed in primary schools. Here, your kids can learn about colors and shapes. Not only that but there are also fun counting games offered for your preschoolers.

#5. Pepi House

Pepi House is another educational game but still manages to be fun for your kids. There are 10 family members in Pepi House and each of them has different activities. Not only that but these family members will also lead your kids to see how they interact with each other in the house.

Each room and floor in Pepi House come with a different theme for your kids to explore. On top of that, there are hidden objects as well as corresponding subplots in each room. That makes the game more fun but challenging to play, even for toddlers.


#6. Bini Super ABC

With some basic levels introduced in the game, Bini Super ABC will be perfect the most for toddlers ages 3 to 5. This game is not only joyful to play but also allows your little ones to learn the first letters of the alphabet easily.

Here, your kids will be encouraged to learn how to write letters and pronounce them. Furthermore, Bini Super ABC also makes it possible for your kids to use alphabet sounds to develop their early reading skills.

#7. Toca Kitchen 2

If your little ones like to mess up in the kitchen, you can use this Toca Kitchen 2 to accommodate their interests. Toca Kitchen 2 allows your kids to cook dishes for customers. If the clients find the dishes satisfying, then the cook will get a reward.

#8. Kids Balloon Pop Game

If you want to introduce the first educational lessons for your kids through easy games Android, this game can be a perfect option to take. As the name suggests, this game uses cute balloons that will pop up when you tap on the screen.

Kids Balloon Pop game is ideal for toddlers since it incorporates basic knowledge needed before they go to primary school. These include numbers, colors, and the alphabet. Interestingly, the Kids Balloon Pop game also enables your children to learn English. Your kids can even use the game to practice new vocabulary in 10 different languages.

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