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5 Must-Play Gundam Games Android 2022

Ever since Gundam’s first release in 1979, fans across the globe wanted to be this giant robot. Controlling the giant robots and then beating the enemies is what the game is about.

If you are a long-time fan of Gundam, there is a more convenient way to play it. Yap! Today, Gundam is available and can be played on Android. Just take a look at the following list to find out the best Gundam Android games to play next!

Gundam Versus

One of the best things about this Gundam game is that it can be played both online and offline. Gundam Versus itself comes with console exclusive 3 vs 3 and presents arcade classic 2 vs 2.

The game is quite challenging for many Gundam lovers since it requires new techniques and moves to play. Not only that but this Gundam Android game also allows players to master many battle strategies to help them fight enemies.

The new moves packed in Gundam Versus include Boost Step, Boost Dive, and Boost Dash. Additionally, the game also offers a Boost Hunter mode that makes it possible to allow 6 people to play this game online at a time. However, make sure that you have the emulator needed to play the game.

As for the features offered, Gundam Versus comes with high-quality graphics and background music that most gamers will instantly be in love with. To win the battle, you will need certain game techniques as well as special strategies.

If you are a Mecha lover, this game is also a treat for the eyes. This is because the game can provide you with various characters and events that have been shown in anime.

Gundam Breaker 3

In 4th place, there is Gundam Breaker 3. As the name suggests, this game is the continuation of Gundam Breaker 2 that has been launched in 2022. Unlike its successor, the Gundam Breaker 2 can only be played on certain platforms; PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

So, what is the difference between Gundam Breaker 2 and Gundam Breaker 3? Well, this latest version of Gundam Breaker comes with 2 additional modes. They are Bounty Hunter and Challenger.

While Bounty Hunter allows you to fight against artificial characters of the game both online and offline, Challenger is an individual battle. Using this mode, the game will be only about a battle between the main character of the Gundam Breaker 3 against a lot of enemies at once.

In Gundam Breaker 3, you are also allowed to modify some important body parts of the main characters so that you can use them in the next battle. The body parts in this Gundam Breaker 3 are not much different from its predecessor.

Based on colors, these body parts are also divided into 5 different levels; Legendary (gold), Exclusive (purple), Rare (blue), Uncommon (green), and Common (white).


Dynasty Warrior: Gundam 3

One of the most popular Gundam games for Android on the list is Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3. Just like Samurai Warriors, this Android Gundam game is also about the action as well as style and tactical elements.

The interesting part of the game is that though the main character is Gundam, the character can still perform distinctive movements. The giant robot can use these distinctive movements to defeat enemies to the max.

As a player of the Dynasty Warriors, you need to take your robot to go through a wide range of missions to win the battle. Today, there are more than 300 different missions in one mode alone that Gundam needs to complete when you play this game.

Seems quite a long game, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, it is a very fun game that won’t be easily bored. This is because each mission presented is so challenging and they are also completed with exciting challenges and an interesting storyline.

Furthermore, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 is also supported with cool graphics and background music. There are also some popular Gundam characters from Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 you can find in the game. These include Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, Mobile Suit Gundam 00, After War Gundam X, and Stardust Memory.


Gundam Breaker Mobile

In Gundam Breaker Mobile, you will be challenged to collect body parts of gunpla. Once you have collected all the body parts, you need to assemble and modify them. In this way, you can bring them to the battlefield to defeat your opponents.

To make it more fun to play, Gundam Breaker Mobile is equipped with 3 different modes. They are Training Mode, Story Mode, and the Event Mode. You can use the Training Mode to learn to refresh yourself.

It can be done simply by exercising control over the games. While the Story Mode is used when your Gundam becomes a popular protagonist character, the Event Mode will allow you to provide special limited 3-star units.

Gundam: Battle Assault

Gundam: Battle Assault is on top of the Gundam games Android list for many good reasons. Aside from the storyline and challenges offered, the game also has wonderful graphics with a view of full 3D HD.

Not only that but the game also comes with some secret characters like Tallgeese III, Wing Gundam Zero, Master Gundam, and Burning (God) Gundam. You can find these characters once you have completed several missions presented.

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