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What Does Malding in Twitch?

“Malding” has gained significant traction within the Twitch chat lexicon over the past year, marking a noticeable uptick in its usage. This term extends beyond a specific emote, finding resonance within streaming platforms and across the broader realm of video gaming. The essence of “malding,” as conceived within the Twitch context, emerges from the amalgamation of two distinct words: “mad” and “balding.” 

When employed in Twitch chat conversations, “malding” conveys the notion of simultaneously being infuriated and undergoing a humorous, metaphorical hair loss. This playful expression finds its footing in portraying individuals who appear so consumed by anger that they facetiously seem to be experiencing hair loss. Delving into the origins of this term and tracing its propagation through diverse communities provides an engaging glimpse into its evolution.

What Does “Malding” Mean in Twitch Chat?

What Does Malding in Twitch?

“Malding” in the world of Twitch gaming is a captivating blend of “mad” and “balding,” cleverly coined to depict someone so consumed by anger that they seem to be experiencing hair loss. While this term has gained traction within the Twitch community, it’s fascinating to note that “malding” has been an entry in the Urban Dictionary dating back to 2011, with curious minds seeking its definition since as far back as 2004.

Within Twitch chat, “malding” is a prime example of a portmanteau, a linguistic technique where two distinct words meld into a singular term. This artistic language fusion isn’t uncommon; one of the most relatable instances is the creation of “brunch,” skillfully blending “breakfast” and “lunch.” This linguistic creativity adds flavor to our expressions, much like the immersive world of gaming itself.

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The Legend of “Malding” Trademark Tale


In December 2019, the renowned Twitch streamer, Joey “Nagzz21” Bagels, took a rather unconventional step by filing a trademark application for the word “Malding” within the realms of the United States. But that’s not all – he also secured the digital territory by acquiring the domain for $3,300. The plot thickens as he furthers his creative endeavor by crafting a video with a target: Rob “Roflgator” Malecki.

Joey ingeniously unveiled his trademark maneuver in this video, alerting Roflgator that the term had been trademarked. And then, like a lyrical sorcerer, he switched gears into a freestyle rap while simultaneously dangling the idea of rebranding Roflgator’s channel to the intriguing Nagzz22.

When inquired about the rationale behind this curious escapade, Nagzz21 playfully reassured the masses that it was all in good humor. His intentions weren’t to earnestly suppress the employment of the word “Malding.” Instead, it was a jest shared amongst comrades – a lighthearted episode in gaming camaraderie.

The tale of Twitch is woven from numerous mini-dramas that converge to create an absolute masterpiece. Malding is another meme that has left an indelible mark on the platform. Much like the rich tapestry of Twitch’s history, the fusion of “mad” and “balding” originated within Forsen’s chatroom. However, it has since increased online and even entered the urban lexicon. You can find the top list of unblocked games on mobile, which can be a reference.

“Malding” is a blend firmly embedded in itself, regardless of whether its essence is familiar to you. To escape the echoes of “malding” directed your way, ensure you’re never caught in the grip of anger and thinning hair. Thus, if you find yourself experiencing hair loss, seeking solace in anger management might be the prudent path to tread.

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