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What is Omegalul? Get to Know More Details Here!

Omegalul and its association with Twitch chat are inseparable entities. If you’re familiar with the streaming platform, you’ve undoubtedly encountered this emote appearing from time to time. The interplay between Omegalul, Twitch, and its users is a blend of amusement and sentimentality. 

These emotes, not exclusive to Twitch but extending to other social media platforms, hold a significant presence. Despite its initial circular appearance, the emote is actually derived from the visage of content creator John “Totalbiscuit” Bain. Omegalul is employed within Twitch chats to express amusement and is essentially an evolved rendition of the “LUL” emote.

The Meaning of OMEGALUL in Twitch Chat


OMEGALUL, alongside LUL and LULW, serves as a marker of mirth. OMEGALUL equates to acronyms like ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) or LOL (laugh out loud) in the realm of social media vernacular. All iterations of the LUL emote showcase the image of John “Totalbiscuit” Bain.

Following his passing, Twitch commemorated how “game critic and humorist John Bain became one of the most influential voices within the gaming industry. The emote gracing his countenance serves as a lasting testament to his impact on Twitch.”

The Evolution of Omegalul in the Twitch Chat Landscape


The face behind the Omegalul emote in the Twitch chat realm belongs to John “Totalbiscuit” Bain, who passed away in 2018. Bain’s countenance is embedded in the LUL emote, and the Omega iteration of this emote playfully distorts the late content creator’s visage, as if reflected in a carnival funhouse mirror.

The origins of the original LUL emote have an intriguing narrative. Bain initially intended to feature his own photograph for the LUL emote, but the photographer responsible for the image issued a DMCA claim. In response, Bain uploaded the emote to the popular third-party extension BetterTTV, which provides users with supplementary Twitch features as well as exclusive emotes like KEKW.

Following its introduction on BetterTTV, Twitch elevated LUL to the status of a global emote. However, Omegalul remains an exclusive emote within BetterTTV. Notably, it ranks as the 25th most frequently utilized BetterTTV emote, and Twitch viewers employed it over 128 million times as of March 2021.

The evolution of LUL into Omegalul can be somewhat challenging to trace due to the emergence of several variations of “LUL” around 2017, including “Megalul,” “Gigalul,” “Ultralul,” and “Teralul.” Within the Twitch community, it’s widely believed that the emote was coined by Sebastian “Forsen” Fors’ community.

Furthermore, an exploration of “Malding,” another viral emoticon of its time, would provide additional insight.

These insights into Omegalul offer a valuable resource, potentially enhancing your gaming experiences or live streaming endeavors.

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