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What Is the Meaning of “Copium” in Twitch Chat and What Is Its Origin?

Copium, frequently employed on Twitch chat and Reddit platforms, gained significant traction following the recent US elections. Its inception can be traced back to 2003 when the album “Copium” was released by Keak da Sneak in the US. 

The earliest documented utilization of the term appeared in 2018 when an anonymous user on 4chan’s /int/ board incorporated the word into online discussions. Copium found its way into Twitch chat through the efforts of Council, a Twitch user who introduced it as a FrankerFaceZ emote. Although not widely employed, its role within Twitch chat remains intriguing. Also, know about Omegalul, which is the same as Copia.

The Significance of “Copium” in Twitch Chat


“Copium” is a portmanteau within Twitch chat—a linguistic blend formed by merging two words. A familiar example of this is “brunch,” combining “breakfast” and “lunch.” “Copium” ingeniously melds “Cope” (constructing a psychological defense of more comforting beliefs to grapple with a harsh reality) and “Opium” (a narcotic substance). 

In the context of Twitch chat, “Copium” denotes the fictional use of this substance as a coping mechanism in the face of defeat or disappointment during live streams. This concept is typically illustrated through a Pepe the Frog meme, portraying the character connected to a tank of “Copium.” You can also find out about KEKW on Twitch. 

The Emergence of “Copium” in Twitch Chat


While “Copium” does not hold a prominent spot in Twitch chat discussions, it is widely circulated on Reddit and other social media platforms. Notably, the term gained traction on the subreddit r/the_meltdown, created in 2016 to satirize left-leaning internet users expressing dismay over Donald Trump’s victory. Originating on 4chan, “Copium” gained prominence among right-leaning users across platforms such as Reddit and Twitch. 

Its prevalence intensified during the most recent US presidential election when initial indications suggested a victory for Donald Trump, only for Joe Biden to secure the win. This led to the heavy use of “Copium” in emotes, often featuring Pepe The Frog adorned with a ‘Make America Great Again’ cap. You also need to know some things on Twitch, like Malding.

A recent definition of “Copium” was provided by an Urban Dictionary user, enterprise1701, describing it as “a metaphorical opiate inhaled when faced with loss, failure, or defeat, especially in sports, politics, and other tribal settings.” While not dominant in Twitch chat, It has a rich history and has been particularly associated with political contexts since 2016. It has gained substantial popularity as a shared meme during the last two US presidential elections. 

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