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What is Monkaw Mean in Twitch?

Are you often curious about the reason behind using “MonkaW” on Twitch? Well, MonkaW stands as a Twitch emoticon, visible to users who have specific extensions added.

Are you intrigued by the beginnings and significance of the MonkaW emoticon on Twitch? Your search for elucidation ends here as we explore the intricate realm of this widely embraced meme. Before that, you may also need to know Malding and its meaning in Twitch Chat.

What is Monkaw


The origins of monkaW in the Twitch chat are closely tied to its precursor, monkaW. The initial appearance of the MonkaW emoticon can be traced back to its introduction on 4chan in the distant year of 2016. Subsequently, it found its way onto the FrankerFaceZ Twitch extension during the same year. 

As time progressed, this emoticon underwent modifications, eventually leading to the creation of monkaW, which can be thought of as a magnified iteration of the original monkaS. This evolved version of the emoticon was integrated into the Twitch BTTV extension in 2018 and incorporated into the suite of extensions offered by FrankerFaceZ.

The original monkaS emoticon was initially devised as an abbreviation for “monkaScared.” In its essence, monkaW is a close-up rendition of this same emoticon. The interchangeable usage of monkaS and monkaW is common within Twitch chat, often deployed during heightened tension. 

The inception of the primary monkaS emoticon can be attributed to a Twitch user known as MonkaSenpai, from which the emoticon drew its name. Notably, several Twitch emotes, denoted by a ‘W’ at the end, such as LULW and KEKW, follow a similar pattern as magnified versions of pre-existing emoticons. For a deeper understanding of the Twitch lexicon, exploring Kekw could be insightful.

When We Use Monkaw

Although MonkaW maintains its popularity on Twitch, it must be natively integrated into the platform. If you wish to use this emote in your preferred streamer’s chat, you must use a specific extension.

Utilizing the FrankerFaceZ Twitch extension is a straightforward process. Log in to the platform using your Twitch account and install the plugin. Once this step is completed, you can customize your account settings to dictate the locations where you want certain emotes, including MonkaW, to appear on Twitch. Familiarity with Copium on Twitch is also advisable.

Additionally, you can incorporate MonkaW and other widely used emotes on Twitch by configuring the BTTV extension within your web browser. This plugin operates similarly to the previously mentioned extension. You need to search for the enlarged version of the emote and append it to your account. This will enable you to post MonkaW in the chat of your favorite streamer’s channel.

The Origins of Pepe the Frog


The monkaW emote on Twitch chat may appear innocuous to most of the streaming community and its spectators; however, it sparks considerable controversy beyond the confines of Twitch. 

The amphibian figure showcased in the monkaW emote on Twitch chat is recognized as “Pepe the Frog,” a persona introduced in the 2005 comic titled “Boy’s Life,” created by Matt Furie. This comic portrays Pepe and his companions as university students engaged in video gaming, enjoying pizza, and partaking in marijuana use.

In a particular comic strip in 2008, Pepe responded to an inquiry about his restroom habits with the phrase “feels good, man.” This phrase eventually evolved into the FeelsGoodMan emote on Twitch, creating various other emotes, including monkaW and monkaS, all drawing inspiration from Pepe.

Regrettably, confident individuals and collectives have manipulated the character by adding a Hitler mustache and incorporating anti-Semitic messages. Despite its innocuous origin as a cartoon, the emote has recently become affiliated with anti-Semitic groups. 

To the extent that Pepe was included in the Anti-Defamation League’s Hate Symbol Database as a symbol of hate. While the streaming community generally perceives the emote as non-controversial, its usage in other online platforms may only sometimes be advisable.

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