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All You Need to Know about Shani Free Fire Female Character

Each character in Free Fire has different abilities that can help players in different scenarios on the battlefield. Shani is one character that you can find in this game. Understanding shani free fire can help you play the game better.

Who is Shani?

Before we can go further to know more about Shani’s abilities, why do not we know more about her personality first? She is a self-made engineer and her occupation is a junkyard engineer. Due to a building explosion, she lost her parents and everything she had when she was 18.
For a few years, she moved around and did odd jobs for making a living. She was taken in by a junkyard owner who gave her a home. She loves to work with junk parts. She is free to engineer, as well.

How to Buy Shani


You do not have to spend diamonds to get many other Free Fire characters. However, you have no choice but to use your diamonds if you want to get Shani. This character makes you need to spend 499 diamonds, after all. Make sure that your diamonds are enough to buy this character. Then, you can follow these steps to purchase Shani.
If you want to buy Shani, you have to open the Free Fire game first. By opening the game, you will get access to the Free Fire store. You only need to press the store icon located on the left side of your screen. Once the store is opened, you can click on the character tab where you can find the character list.
You only need to scroll down to find the Shani character on the list. Next, you only need to click on the purchase button. You will find a popup for purchase confirmation. If your purchase is successful, you can equip the Shani character from the loadout.

Here's All You Need to Know about Shani Free Fire Female Character

Shani Abilities

The main ability of Shani in Free Fire is to restore armor durability after every kill. This ability is called Gear Recycle. You can upgrade your armor up to level 3 with extra durability. The restoration ability is different on different levels, after all.
Shani can restore 10% armor durability during level 1 after every kill. The restoration ability is increasing with higher levels. At level 2, it becomes 12%. Armor durability restoration becomes 15% at level 3. The ability restoration by shani free fire becomes 19%, 24%, and 30% for levels 4, 5, and 6 after every kill.

Best Characters for Skill Combination with Shani

You do not have to be confused about the skills of the Free Fire characters because they are self-explanatory. That is why it is easy to create skill combinations or teams for playing Free Fire after knowing the abilities of the characters. In this circumstance, you can create better gameplay by combining Shani with other characters.

The very first team you can create with Shani characters needs you to use Alok, Andrew, and Hayato. Alok’s skill can make an aura within a specific perimeter. It will increase the speed of movement and give HP to this character and his teammates in the area. That is why he is a great choice to be combined with Shani. Meanwhile, Andrew, the policeman can increase the Vest delicacy that makes him perfect to be combined with Shani. Shani will also work great in the same team as Hayato, a legendary samurai character. He has the bushido ability that can increase the riddling of his armor when his HP is low. A combination of Shani and Hayato will make her armor thicker. Eliminating enemies will be easy with this combination.

Shani can also work great in a team with Clu, Moco, and Maro. Another excellent combination to try is Shani, Wukong, Ford, and Jai.

Tips and Tricks for Using Shani

Understanding the best combination of characters with Shani will not be enough. You can make better gameplay by using some tips and tricks when using the Shani character. If you are an aggressive player, Shani will be an excellent character choice for you. She has the defensive ability, but at the same time, she also can attack enemies while rushing. Anytime she gets a kill the vest durability of the user will get increased. With this kind of ability, Shani can help players to survive longer on the battlefield. She will dodge more combats at the same time.

You can also optimize the skill combination of this female character in Free Fore. Shani can be combined with Hayato, Alok, and Jota for more aggressive gameplay. The team will get an HP benefit on the battlefield because Jota can restore HP per kill and DJ Alok can boost HP. You must not forget that Shani has a unique ability called Gear Recycle although it is the passive one. This ability can regain ten armor durability per kill at level 1. The pile-up of armor’s durability can upgrade armor to level 3. Level up to level 6, she can restore 20 armor durability per kill.

Although you have a recommendation of the best combination with shani free fire, the result will depend on each player. They have to use the best combination that can be suitable to the situations in the game.

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