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Best Settings for Sensitivity Free Fire

Your experience when playing Free Fire will depend on your skill. You can use sensitivity settings for improving your gameplay, especially if you are game savvy with good aim. You might use Glue Walls for scoring more headshots and getting a better position. However, you can do this trick better by setting sensitivity free fire properly.

For Lower-End Devices

You might want to improve Free Fire sensitivity on your device, but you have a big worry since you are using a lower-end device. There is no need to worry because you can make the right settings to get the maximum sensitivity on your lower-end devices or devices with 4GB RAM. You need to set General between 90 and 100. The red dot should be set between 60 and 75. The setting for 2X scope is 99 and 4X scope is 95. The sniper scope setting is 20-30 while the free look is 50-75.

For Easy Movements

When playing free fire, you might experience some difficulties. Sometimes you find it hard to swipe and slide when playing this game. As a result, the in-game character is sluggish. You can find the same thing with the camera movement. If you want to solve this problem, changing the sensitivity of your Free Fire game can be considered. You need to set the sensitivity to a higher percentage to get a much smoother 360 degrees of movement.
The setting for easy movement is 100 for general and 90-95 for the red dot. The 2x scope must be between 85 and 90. Meanwhile, 4X scope must be between 75 and 80. Do not forget about the sniper scope that must be 47-52. Last but not least, you need an 85-90 setting for a free look.

You need to increase the zooming power to make it easier to swipe and slide when playing Free Fire. For this purpose, every setting must be kept high except AWM, as well as 4X scope. What if you set the sniper and 4X scope at a high setting? This setting will give more volatility in movements when playing Free Fire.

Tips Best Settings for Sensitivity Free Fire

For Quick Headshots

Another reason why you need to improve sensitivity free fire is when you need to make quick headshots. One thing is for sure, the concept between activities and headshots when playing Free Fire is completely different. When you try to execute a headshot, you need stability to get the best result. The stability of making a headshot can be supported by low sensitivity. That is why if you want to do a quick headshot, you need to keep the scope sensitivity low to medium. Meanwhile, you need to keep the normal and red dot high. In this circumstance, you want to set 100 for general and 90-95 for the red dot. 2X scope must be set at 75-80 and 4X scope is at 60-65. Remember, the sniper scope must be set at 45-50 and free look at 65-70.

Once again, you need to set lower sensitivity to promote better stability, especially when you want to take a shot using the ADS on your gun. The setting for red dot and general is necessary for close-range. Yet, if you want to make a quick movement, both must be kept high.

Nevertheless, people can have different preferences about the sensitivity setting when playing Free Fire. You can also feel free to customize the levels according to your preferences. You can also make the required adjustments before using them in the practice range. More importantly, you also have to remember that the sensitivity setting adjustment for hitting a headshot can only help you in your objective. You still have to try different improvements regularly.

Trick Best Settings for Sensitivity Free Fire

For Smooth Gameplay

Smooth gameplay will play an important role in bringing the best Free Fire gaming experience. However, people use different devices for playing this game. The game settings for your device might be different from other devices. That is why the setting should be adjusted to your device. You will need mid-range or high-end devices if you want to play Free Fire in the highest possible graphic settings. If you are using a lower-end device, you can try to set Smooth graphics and High FPS settings. Another useful tip to ensure a smooth experience when playing Free Fire is turning off the shadows.

For Headshots 2022

What if you want to execute a headshot when playing Free Fire on high-end devices with more than 6GB RAM? In this circumstance, you can try to adjust the sensitivity setting for reducing weapon recoil. You need to adjust general to 90, free look to 50, and red dot to 76. Meanwhile, both 2X and 4X scope must be set at 85. The sniper scope must be at 30. This is the sensitivity setting recommendation you can try on your high-end device to execute headshots.

It does not mean that you cannot make the best headshot execution with your low-end devices that have less than 4GB RAM. On your device, you need to set general at 100, free look at 72, red dot at 80, 4X scope at 87, 2X scope at 87, and sniper scope at 44. You might have your own sensitivity setting preference, but the sensitivity free fire setting can be changed based on your approach and style.

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