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Optimize the DPI to Get Better Shot Rate in Free Fire

You can choose and build a strong character in Free Fire. Then, use the powerful weapon with the best stats for that character. But, you can still lose the battle because you can’t control your play like what you want. It happens a lot when you use a smaller device to play Free Fire, like a mobile phone. But, that is where the dpi free fire trick comes to help you. Here, we will show you how to utilize this element to improve your gameplay.

What is DPI?

Before we go to the dpi free fire part, you should know what DPI is. DPI is short for Dot per Inch. It is a measurement of the movement of the cursor on a screen. As for mobile phones or devices that use a touch screen, this value will affect the sensitivity of your touch screen. So, you can adjust how much it will reach to a certain swipe or movement on its screen.
It sounds not that important. However, in a battle where you need to act fast to attack the enemy, the slight change in this setting could bring you a huge advantage. In the end, many Free Fire players utilize this trick to help them perform better.

How to use dpi free fire

What Can You Get from Changing the DPI Setting on Mobile Device?

Here are the reasons why you need a better setting for the dpi free fire.

Improving the aiming speed

When you use the scope and aim at the enemy, you still need to move your weapon to put the enemy you see through the scope on the center dot. That way you can hit the enemy with better accuracy. This method is also the way you can get the headshot in Free Fire.
Sometimes, the device with low DPI will have lagged or slow movement when you aim. It takes more time to put the enemy on the center dot of your scope. Thus, the enemy has more time to escape from your aim. By adjusting the DPI, you can improve the speed in this part. So, you can put the enemy on the dot much faster and then shoot them.

Improving your screen resolution

Adjusting the dpi free fire setting also increases the screen resolution. It means you can see the surroundings and the enemy much better. Moreover, it is also more comfortable to play Free Fire in high resolution like this, especially if you have to play it on a small screen. Therefore, it also improves your playing experience.

It could cause a problem on your mobile device

Even though tweaking the setting for dpi free fire gives you many benefits in gameplay, we also need to remind you that changing this setting also affects the setting of your device. The common effect you will get after changing the DPI is the change in your mobile device’s text size. The text size will become much smaller, which makes it difficult to read.

Changing the DPI also give more burden on your mobile device’s RAM. In many cases, your mobile device could be turned off immediately by the system. In the worst cases, people couldn’t turn back their mobile device after it went off because of DPI changes.
At this point, we believe you already understand the benefits and risks of changing the dpi free fire. In the next part, we will give you an example of how to change the DPI on your mobile device, so you can play Free Fire better.

improving dpi free fire

How to Change DPI

You will utilize the Developer Mode on your mobile device. From this mode, you can adjust various elements and settings on your mobile device. As its name implies, this mode is only for the developer. Therefore, if you have no proper knowledge about the mobile device, there is a chance that you can break your mobile device. This is the risk of using better dpi free fire. So, here is how you use this method.

  • Open the Settings menu
  • Scroll down and find the About Phone option. Tap to open it.
  • On the Build Number part, tap the test 5-10 times. It will activate the Developer Mode.
  • Now, you are in the Developer Mode. To change the DPI, you open the Settings and find the Additional Settings menu. Tap to open it.
  • Scroll down to find Developer Options, and tap to open it.
  • Find the Drawing part in the newly opened window. To change the DPI of your mobile device, change the value of the Smallest Width option.

How much value you should enter on the Smallest Width option? There are several values you can choose here. You can’t just put a random number on it because it could damage your mobile device system and cause a permanent defect. Here are the lists of the safe DPI limit you can use for Free Fire.

  • 2 GB RAM – below 380
  • 3 GB and 4 GB RAM – below 410
  • 6 GB RAM – below 440


Changing dpi free fire gives you the best experience of Free Fire. However, it comes with risk. Therefore, make sure you follow our instructions above and do not adjust the value to exceed the limit we have mentioned.

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