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Complete Guide of Hero Aldous Mobile Legends

Are you ready to go crazy with Aldous Mobile Legends? Before you can use this character for your winning, you need to understand Aldous better to make sure that you can use it efficiently and correctly.

It is a fighter-type hero with high burst damage and defense attribute. This character has pros and cons. Of course, you can utilize the builds to improve his power to the max.

Aldous Story

Aldous MLBB

What is the story of Aldous? Every character in Mobile Legends has a story including Aldous. Looking back to his story, we need to check the legend of Land of Dawn. There is a mysterious maze far on the west side of the Minoan Kingdom desert. A giant Minotaur statue is located inside the maze and the Minoans believe that it is a holy place.

One day, everyone in the kingdom becomes too greedy and drunk with all of the kingdom’s wealth. The maze guides are not exceptions but one guide named Aldous. A god punishes the Minoan Kingdom by destroying it. However, Aldous comes back to love with a mysterious power. That is the beginning of mobile legends Aldous.

Advantages of Aldous

Knowing that Aldous has a mysterious power can be tempting enough to use this hero. Nevertheless, it is always great to know the advantages of this character. First things first, Skill 3 of this hero is to know the enemy HP. It means that he can choose Hero with dying blood as a target anywhere. Aldous can be the best finisher for the team with this skill.

Aldous also has very high durability as a Fighter. He can be immune to any basic attack. At the same time, he also has very high burst damage as his first Skill. With this skill, he can give up to 500 stacks. Each stack can give additional 8 physical attacks. That is why he can be a great fighter in a 1-on-1 battle.

Aldous is included in the heroes of the Super Late Game phase along with Irithel and Natalia. He can destroy all enemy’s heroes with just Skill 1 spam. His Skill 1 can be used for a fast hit turret as well. That is why it is recommended to focus to push and finish the game as fast as possible when you have to face Aldous during the game.

Last but not least, Aldous is a kind of hero that is easy to use because there is no complicated skill mechanism. However, you should avoid using Skill and playing aggressively when skill 1 stack is not high enough. It is the biggest mistake of many beginners, after all.

Disadvantages of Aldous

Of course, there is no character perfect. Aldous Mobile Legends also has some disadvantages. This character will depend on the stack from Skill 1. It means that Aldous will be very weak in the early game. You need to get the maximum last hit at Minion and Creep to give big damage from Skill 1. That is why Aldous will not have a significant role in the early game.

Aldous also lacks Skill CC. The only Skill CC owned by this character is the explosion of Skill 2. We are talking about the pretty short Stun effect. As a result, the enemy can run away pretty easily.

It also takes time to earn a high stack. You might want to do an effective last hit at the Creep or Minion but you might not always have a collaborative team especially for a solo player. Your team might do the last hit that can stop us to earn stack faster.

With the disadvantages of this character, you have to consider the Aldous mobile legends skin carefully to optimize his strength and protect his weakness. This way, you can win the battle as you wish.

Recommended Builds for Aldous MLBB

guide to play Aldous

What kind of Aldous build can you use to improve your winning opportunity? Some build options can be chosen including Demon Shoes. It is recommended to use these shoes at the beginning of the game because Aldous can waste a lot of mana without shoes. You should do this if you do not want to go back to the base too often. These shoes will fill mana automatically every time you do the last hit in the minion. At the late game, this item can be replaced with Tough Boots or Warrior Boots.

You cannot play with Aldous without Endless Battle build since it is the core item for this character. With this core item, Aldous can get life-steal and effective true damage when fighting against tanker heroes with high armors. It also comes with additional movement speed that is very useful to chase the enemy.

Another great build to use for Aldous is Thunder Belt that can add true damage. At the same time, this item can give armor that can protect Aldous from physical heroes. It is also great to add a slow effect that makes the enemy find a hard time running away.

To enhance the magic defense, you should also use Athena’s Shield. It will be super useful to fight against magical heroes. It also gives you additional HP that makes your Aldous stronger. You can also avoid one combo kill from the enemy with this shield.

Another best Aldous build to consider is Immortality. It is beneficial to improve HP and armor. However, this item can also make Aldous immortal. He can come back to life after death with blood and shield. It will be good enough to run away and even counterattack the enemy.

You might also want to use the Malefic Roar item to help you when you have to face tank or fighter heroes with high physical defense. The basic attack of your Aldous can pass through their armors with this item. You also might want to use Brute Force Breastplate to improve your Aldous magic defense.

It will also improve physical defense and movement speed up to 20%. To get an optimal result, you should attack the target up to five times with either a basic attack or the skill of Aldous Mobile Legends.

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