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6 Best DMR in PUBG Mobile 2023

When the battlefield unfolds in PUBG Mobile, and the stakes are high, having the perfect weapon in your arsenal can be the difference between victory and defeat. Amidst the vast array of firearms available, one category stands out for its lethal precision and versatility: Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR). 

These remarkable weapons can strike fear into opponents’ hearts while granting their wielder unparalleled control over the engagement distance. In this article, we delve into the realm of PUBG Mobile’s DMR to unveil the true champion among the ranks PUBG Mobile

What is DMR in PUBG Mobile?


In PUBG Mobile, DMR stands for “Designated Marksman Rifle.” DMRs are a category of weapons that bridge the gap between assault rifles and sniper rifles. They are known for their versatility, effectively allowing players to engage targets at medium to long ranges.

DMRs typically have more severe damage per shot and longer effective range than assault rifles. They offer semi-automatic or burst-fire modes, allowing for accurate single shots or controlled bursts. However, DMRs usually have a lower fire rate than assault rifles.

Some examples of DMRs in PUBG Mobile include the SKS, Mini 14, VSS Vintorez, SLR, QBU, and MK14 EBR. These weapons are often equipped with scopes and attachments to improve their accuracy and stability, making them deadly in the hands of skilled players who can land precise shots at range.

DMRs are favored by players who prefer a more tactical and precise playstyle, engaging enemies from a distance while maintaining a reasonable fire rate and adaptability in various combat situations.

6 Best DMR in PUBG Mobile 


DMR PUBG Mobile is one of the semi-arrival snipers who are complex and poignant and have painful damage.

Therefore, get to know the best DMR you can find below!

1. MK14

MK14 is arguably the best DMR weapon in the PUBG Mobile game and a mandatory choice for all players. Using 7.62mm bullets, the DMR MK14 weapon is very painful, with 61 damage.

But the advantages of the MK14 weapon are that MK14 has two modes, single and auto. The single way is for sniper mode, while Auto mode is usually used for close combat.

2. SLR

The next row of deadly DMR rifles fell on the SLR. Who would have thought that this sniper, who is within reach, is the second most lethal weapon after the Mk14?

SLR uses 7.62mm brown bullets with a fire attack power of 58 Hit Damage, and the bullet speed is 0.1 seconds. This long-barreled rifle can be combined with an x6 or x8 scope with a sniper silencer so that no enemy knows the direction of the sound and the shot.

3. QBU

QBU is a sniper that can only be found on maps, Sanhok. This type of sniper is a sniper with the best recoil ever. The characteristics of the firing mode are also similar to SLR, SKS, and Mk14. The difference is only in terms of the bullets produced.

QBU uses green 5.66 mm bullets, easily found in many game spots. Even so, QBU cannot be underestimated, friend. QBU, with its attack power of 48-hit damage, can immobilize quickly with just 2-3 bullets that penetrate the head or body completely.

Mimin recommends using QBU sniper shooting attachments such as scope x8, extended AR, and compensator AR / Sniper as the tip of the weapon’s muzzle.

4. SKS

The fourth position is filled by SKS, one of the favorite snipers of millions of people. SKS can be easily found in almost all game maps, such as in San Martin Miramar. Uniquely, this SKS can use sniper silencers and AR silencers. It’s no wonder that using attachments for this weapon is very easy to find.

SKS uses the same 7.62mm brown bullet as SLR and mk14 shooting, so it can injure enemies with an attack power of 53 Hit Damage. There is no firing mode in this firing mode, so we need a compensator to withstand the wild recoil.

5. Mini-14

Even though it’s rare to still find support players with META AR+DMR, it seems that of the many DMRs in PUBG Mobile, Pro Players prefer Mini14 as their best choice. 

The popularity of the Mini14 as a DMR certainly doesn’t need to be doubted. Stability and other superior specifications are still reliable.

6. VSS

VSS (Vintovka Snayperskaya Spetsialnaya) is a sniper-type weapon available in the PUBG Mobile game. As a sniper, VSS is often underestimated and is considered an underrated weapon in the sniper class.

So DMR PUBG has many advantages and disadvantages, so you can make good use of or minimize these mistakes.

Hopefully, this article is helpful for you and can be a reference in playing PUBG Mobile.


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