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So Brutal! How to Use DBS in PUBG Mobile Properly

DBS is a tier-A PUBG Mobile shotgun that you can use. Because it has high damage, the enemy in front of you can die instantly. However, do you know how to use DBS on PUBG Mobile?

In simple terms, of course, this one shotgun weapon is easy for many players to find in games with different maps. Its existence can also be used to replace the role of sick auto-combat weapons. 

Want to know how to use DBS on PUBG Mobile? Check out the following reviews.

What is DBS in PUBG Mobile?

DBS (Double Barrel Shotgun) is a shotgun in the PUBG Mobile game. This weapon has two barrels and is capable of firing two bullets at a time.

This weapon is very deadly at close range and is suitable for close combat inside buildings or on narrow battlefields. The DBS can hold a total of 14 rounds, 7 in each barrel. This weapon is only available via drop loot or airdrop and is quite rare in the game.

Before knowing the statistics from DBS, maybe you can find out how to change name PUBG Mobile by using a Rename Card.

Stat DBS in PUBG Mobile


After knowing the meaning of DBS, you can find out more about the statistics. Here are DBS PUBG Mobile Stats that you can find out

  1. Weapon type: Shotgun
  2. Fire mode: Semi-auto
  3. Damage per shot:-
  4. Melee: 216 (single bullet) or 432 (both bullets)
  5. Remote: 24
  6. Bullet velocity: 360 m/s
  7. Magazine capacity: 2 rounds
  8. Maximum magazine capacity: 14 rounds (7 in each barrel)
  9. Reload time: 2.5 seconds (every sale)
  10. Attachments (accessories): Only accepts chokes as attachments
  11. Available via: Loot drop or airdrop

Please note that the statistics above may change from time to time and may differ in different game modes. In addition, the player’s skill and experience can also affect the effectiveness of DBS weapons in battle.

DBS Strengths and Weaknesses

Each weapon certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages. This is very useful for you to know so you can efficiently use DBS to make it more effective.

Following are the advantages and disadvantages of DBS weapons in PUBG Mobile:

Pros of DBS PUBG Mobile

Take a peek at the advantages of this one weapon, of course, it can make you more confident in using it.

1. High damage rate

DBS has a very high damage rate, so it can kill your opponent with one or two shots at close range.

2. Double shot

This weapon can fire two bullets in one shot, increasing the chance of hitting the target and dealing more damage.

3. Easy to get

Every time you do looting you can be found easily in the looting box or randomly in the game.

4. Easy to operate

This shotgun has a mechanism that is easy to operate and is perfect for beginners playing PUBG Mobile.

5. High Penetration

This one weapon has high penetration and you can use it well to repel enemies. So, you can use it for rush or defense.

Weaknesses of DBS PUBG Mobile

Get to know the weaknesses of this one shotgun weapon so you can minimize unnecessary mistakes during the game.

1. Short shooting range

The main drawback of the DBS is the very short firing range. If the enemy is at a great distance from this weapon, you may not be able to attack them.

2. Long reload time

This weapon only has two bullets in each magazine and a long reload time, so you have to reload regularly and make sure every shot you hit is on target.

3. Not effective in long-range combat

This shotgun is not effective in long-range combat due to its short range and low accuracy.

4. Vulnerable to counterattack

If you miss shooting this weapon, then you can be vulnerable to counterattacks from enemies, especially in battles that take place at close range.

By understanding the advantages and disadvantages of DBS weapons in PUBG Mobile, you can maximize their use in the game and avoid unnecessary losses.

Before going into the discussion on how to use DBS on PUBG Mobile, you can find out more about Rank on PUBG Mobile.

7 Ways to Use DBS on PUBG Mobile


Here are some tips that can be used to maximize the use of DBS weapons in PUBG Mobile:

1. Use for close range

The first way to use DBS is by shooting it at close range because it can fire two bullets at once and deals high damage. Use this weapon inside buildings or areas with very close range.

2. Use it properly

This shotgun only has two bullets in each magazine, so be sure to hit the target every time you fire this weapon. If you miss, you have to spend quite a long time reloading.

3. Combine with chokes

Like other shotguns, the DBS also accepts a choke attachment. Use the choke to increase the accuracy and range of this weapon.

4. Prepare a backup weapon

This weapon is not always effective in different combat situations, so make sure you have a backup weapon that is effective at long or medium range.

5. Team-Mates

This shotgun can be very effective when used in a team. Coordinate with your teammates and shoot your opponents simultaneously with this weapon to maximize the damage you deal.

6. Use with good motion

In close combat, your moves will be crucial. Try to constantly move and change positions when using this weapon to avoid counterattacks from enemies.

7. Observe a safe distance

The DBS has a very short firing range, so make sure to stay a safe distance when using it and avoid being too exposed to enemies.

By following the tips above, you can maximize the use of DBS weapons in PUBG Mobile and increase your chances of winning in close combat.

So that’s how to use DBS PUBG Mobile that you can find out more about so that it can be used as a reference when playing. Hopefully, this article is useful for you.

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