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Recommended 5 Pokemon Games Android for Kids and Adults

Pokemon games are long-lasting. The age of the original game is approximately 30 years old now. It develops based on technology.

That’s why Pokemon lovers can also find pokemon games android to play on their devices. The list of the Pokemon games below is available in the Android version.

Magikarp Jump 

Magikarp Jump is considered the latest Pokemon game. Just like the name of the game, you have to train a Magikarp to flop higher. Then, your Magikarp is about to compete against other Magikarps.

Your Magikarp should jump higher than its opponent to win the battle. It looks simple, isn’t it? Despite its simplicity, this game is fun and addictive to play. Besides training your Magikarp, you also have to feed it to keep it happy and healthy.

Due to its casual game, Magikarp Jump has been downloaded by over 10 million gamers around the world. They also rate this game 4.7 and it is high enough for a casual game. The graphics are cute and attractive to see.

It can be an option for those who are looking for an Android game for kids. Indeed, you don’t have to train your Magikarp all day long. You can do another activity, such as fishing up Magikarp in different patterns. Download the app on Google Play Store and play this fun game to kill time.


Pokemon Go 

Pokemon Go is not only popular among kids but also adults. The most attractive part of this game is that you can catch a Pokemon monster in the real world. You only have to walk around your area and find the hidden pokemon monsters.

The sensation is similar to catching a real monster using your Android device. Just like the original games, you should train the monsters once you catch them to increase their level. The higher the level of your monster, the stronger the monster. Bring the monster into a battle when they are ready.

The developer also develops this game regularly. So far, gamers receive new content, game modes, new Pokemon, and activities. Imagine that the developer prepares over 600 Pokemon to train in battles.

Make the game more fun by doing Raid with other trainers to get a legendary pokemon. Winning a battle means that you can take over Gyms for your team. The highest achievement is to create a dream team and be the strongest trainer.

The Niatic, Inc.’s game receives a 4.0 rating in Google Play Store. This game even attracts over 100 million downloaders. Due to its popularity and regular updates, Pokemon Go also receives the editor’s choice. It shows how cool this game is to play.

Pokemon Masters 

Just like other pokemon games Android, Pokemon Masters provide you with monsters and use them in a battle. A team consists of three pokemon. The graphics and features of the game are promising since this game is developed by DeNA.

It is the developer of Final Fantasy Record Keeper. It means that they know how to produce wonderful free-to-play games. This game allows you to play in PvP and co-op multiplayer mode.

There are also fun activities you can do, such as replacing regular outfits with special outfits, hatch eggs, choosing more trainers from the early Pokemon generations, and many more.

As a new Pokemon game on Android, it seems that Pokemon Masters will have a bright future, especially because Pokemon has fanatic fans. The rating of this game is 4.1 in Google Play Store and has been downloaded by over 10 million people.


Pokemon Playhouse

Pokemon wants to grab kids through Pokemon Playhouse. It is a fun game to play for kids. Your kids are about to play in a house to meet a variety of Pokemon there. The attractive parts of this game are its simple controls, a variety of colors, and other elements that kids will love.

Due to the specifications, Pokemon Playhouse is perfect for three to five years old. Everything in this game is simple and easy to use. The developer is even free to play with no in-app purchases and advertisements.

The design and idea of this game attracted over 5 million people to download this game. This game has been permitted by teachers. It ensures that Pokemon Playhouse is safe to play with kids.

Besides exploring the house and meeting new Pokemon, players can also hatch over 50 pokemon, take care of the Pokemon, and even read interactive Pokemon adventures.

Pokemon Quest

Pokemon Quest was launched in 2018. It is a cross-platform game that you can play on Android and Nintendo Switch. There is no significant difference between this game and other Pokemon games. The main task is catching Pokemon, training them, and sending them into a battle to fight against other trainers.

One of the differences is the campground. It is a place where trainers can customize the space and make it the most comfortable for their Pokemon. This game is recommended for older kids and adults. There are a few bugs the developer should consider, but it is not a serious issue.

The list of the Pokemon games Android above shows that Pokemon is a popular thing. Pokemon is not only popular among kids but also adults. Playing Pokemon games on Android devices will be fun and nostalgic for some gamers.

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