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Top 3 Soccer Games Android with Great Features You Should Try

Soccer games Android is popular among Android game lovers. Imagine that over 10 million people download a game entitled Final Kick from their Android devices.

Another Android game entitled Football Manager 2022 Mobile has been downloaded by over 100 thousand people. Here, we want to show famous soccer games on Android devices and the reason why gamers love to play them.

Final Kick 

Unlike other full-match soccer games, this game is a sports arcade game. You only have to choose a player to shoot out over and over again in a penalty kick scenario. Gamers love to play this game due to its decent graphics, weekly tournaments, and simple controls.

The way to play this game is also easy to do even if playing it for the first time. You only have to swipe the screen in the direction you want. The challenge is the way you swipe the screen. The slower you swipe the screen, the slower the ball and the smaller the shooting power.

On the other hand, you should control the swipe because it determines the direction of the ball. A wrong swipe technique makes your penalty fail. Besides playing as a player, you can also play as a goalkeeper.

The way to control the goalkeeper is the same as the way you control the player. You should guess the direction of the ball and swipe the screen right away so the goalkeeper can hold the ball.

Interestingly, you can’t play offline but also with other real players in an online multiplayer. Gamers can even enjoy the fantastic goals with a slow-motion replay from all angles. The atmosphere looks real with the sound of the supporters.

Ivanovich Games as the developer designs this game for free and premium models. You can download this game in Google Play Store. It has become one of the most popular soccer games on Android with over 10 million downloaders. The rating of this game on Android is 4.2 and it is good enough for an Android game.


Football Manager 2022

How about if you don’t want to be a player but a manager of a soccer team? Football Manager for Android is one of the recommended soccer games Android you can try. Just like its name, this Android soccer game allows you to be a team manager.

The developer provides over 60 leagues from 25 nations around the world. Imagine the sensation of managing the biggest football clubs in the world. Try to manage a small team to be the best to make this game more challenging.

This game is developed by SEGA. SEGA has enough experience in developing a lot of games, including sports games. Due to its popularity and gaming experience, the rate for this game is 4.7. Nowadays, over 100 thousand people have downloaded Football Manager.

The latest Football Manager provides player ratings even in the match. This feature is new since it is not available in the previous version. You can also check the recovery time of your players from injury, players who have a high risk of injury, and those who are injured.

Some players think that this game has an unrealistic transfer. For example, you have to pay 60 million for a reserve player. On the other hand, the bid for a player who has approximately 60 million is only 20 million.


FIFA Soccer   

Electronic Art seems to commit to serving fun soccer games through FIFA Soccer. This developer has a constant annual update. For instance, this soccer game has a variety of games you can try.

In general, it consists of two different types, which are mini-games and full games. Mini-games include a penalty kick, dribble competition, one-on-one with a goalkeeper, and others.

You are about to play with over 15.000 professional soccer players, such as Kylian Mbappe, David Alaba, and Christian Pulistic. There will be over 600 teams you can choose including Real Madrid and Manchester City.

Indeed, you still should have a good strategy to win mini-games and get rewards. There is also a new mode known as Attack Mode. Just like the name, you can control your team to attack your opponent. All you have to do is try to create goals.

The opponent team will not attack your area. This 45-minute mode is good for those who want to try attacking variations before using it on a real match. The controller system is excellent with a virtual joystick and three buttons on the screen.

The functions of the buttons depending on the position. You will have a pass, sprint, skill, and shoot buttons when attacking. On the other hand, you will have to switch, sprint, tackle, and slide when defensive.

Too bad, you can only play full-time matches against Artificial Intelligence and can’t fight against other gamers. Moreover, the Plan mode is a bit complicated to get the player you need. With all its features, FIFA Soccer for Android receives a 4.0 rate from downloaders. The downloaders reach over 100 thousand now.

So, which one of the soccer games Android do you want to play? One thing is for sure, playing soccer games on an Android device is as cool and fun as playing it on other consoles. Best of all, you can play your favorite soccer game anywhere and anytime.

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