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Trouble With Him? Most Effective Counter Brody You Can Pick!

Brody is one of the favorite Marksman in the Mythic tier. Here is a row of heroes who can counter Brody effectively in Mobile Legends. For information, Brody can quickly take down enemies after collecting the maximum stack.

The Abyss Impact and passive Abyss Corrosion skills make Brody capable of dealing significant damage. If the stack or mark on the enemy hero increases, then the damage Brody generates is even more critical.

This hero is also unique, considering he can still leave his ultimate even dead. Relax, this line of heroes can be a nightmare for Brody users. Here are some heroes who can fight Brody in Mobile Legend.

10 Counter Brody Mobile Legends

A highly mobile and agile marksman hero, Brody possesses formidable damage capabilities. Taking down this hero will be easy if you strategically employ Brody’s and suitable hero counters.

When facing Brody in battle, observing his movements and skills is crucial. Failing to evade his attacks and abilities will lead to inevitable defeats. Engaging and disrupting Brody early in the game is recommended to gain an advantage, especially during his farming phase, as he tends to be weaker during this period.

For those determined to defeat Brody effectively, utilizing his counter-hero is essential. In this article, we’ll explore Brody’s counter-heroes—those who prove to be highly effective against him. Keep reading to discover these counter heroes and enhance your chances of success!

1. Natalia

Natalia is a highly lethal Assassin, striking fear into the hearts of soft heroes like Brody, mainly due to her remarkable skill, Assassin Instinct (Passive), which allows her to vanish from sight.

Her ability to disappear grants her the advantage of ambushing Brody with surprise attacks, inflicting massive damage upon him.

Given her ability to vanish, anticipating Natalia’s swindles becomes challenging for Brody, as she remains invisible on the minimap. Even a slight misstep by Brody could lead to his swift demise at the hands of Natalia.

2. Hayabusa

Hayabusa proves to be a challenging hero to learn and master, especially for Marksman players like Brody. With his skill set, he can make life difficult for Brody, leaving little room for retaliation or building up passive stacks.

One of Hayabusa’s deadly moves is his ultimate, Shadow Kill, which can significantly damage Brody while preventing him from counterattacking. This becomes particularly dangerous in 1v1 situations, especially when Brody’s low HP.

To engage Brody in a 1v1, Hayabusa can swiftly approach him using his second skill, Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow. Once at the proper distance, he can quickly unleash his ultimate on Brody, draining his HP even if it’s initially complete. For the best results, executing this combo is advisable when Brody’s HP is below 50% and Wind of Nature is unavailable.

3. Chou

Chou, the hero, possesses remarkable locking abilities. His skills can cause frustration for Brody, utilizing his Skill 1 to Knock Up Brody and following up with his ultimate attack, rendering Brody immobile.

However, it’s essential to note that Hero Chou is not limited to countering Brody. Thanks to his versatile skill set, Chou proves to be a formidable threat to all heroes in Mobile Legends.

4. Kaja

Kaja mobile legends

Kaja is an exceptional hero specializing in kidnapping, and his abilities prove to be an effective counter against the newer hero, Brody. With his Ultimate skill, Kaja can snatch and take Brody captive, directing him straight into the hands of his team.

Moreover, Kaja’s Ultimate has the added benefit of suppressing the enemy’s abilities. On top of that, his second and first-skill attacks can deal real-time damage to the target, significantly reducing their health and potentially leading them to their demise.

5. Minshittar

Minsitthar is a formidable fighter hero renowned for his exceptional kidnapping abilities, similar to Franco’s. Once he employs his skills, he effortlessly takes control of opponents, rendering them powerless against his might. Furthermore, his ultimate ability can halt the movements of even swift adversaries like Brody and disrupt their devastating attacks.

Any target facing Minsitthar will encounter tremendous difficulty maneuvering, especially for heroes like Brody, who can unleash attacks while on the move. Minsitthar’s offensive prowess and ability to immobilize opponents make him a challenging force.

6. Paquito

Paquito’s extraordinary abilities allow him to relentlessly pursue enemies, making him the ultimate counter to Brody. Notably, he also grants himself a shield when he delivers an attack, significantly boosting his strength.

Paquito can unleash rapid attacks, overwhelming opponents with lightning-fast strikes. Additionally, his punches pack a strong impact, inflicting high crowd control (CC) effects. This makes it challenging for Brody to escape once caught in Paquito’s relentless assault.

7. Lolita


After delving into the Hero core earlier, it’s time to delve into the realm of Hero Tanks. Among them, there is a Hero Tank that stands firm against Brody’s unique and formidable abilities. And who else fits the role better than Lolita, the indomitable living shield capable of withstanding all sorts of projectile damage?

When skill two is activated, Lolita gains the power to render long-range and projectile attacks, such as Basic Attacks and Brody’s skills, invisible. This extraordinary ability proves to be immensely crucial, especially when facing the overwhelming damage of a Marksman.

Moreover, Lolita possesses various CC abilities through skill one and her Ulti, allowing her to lock down enemy movements effectively. It’s no wonder that Lolita has emerged as a highly efficient Hero Tank, perfectly equipped to counter Brody’s prowess.

8. Lancelot

Lancelot’s agility provides a strategic advantage when facing Brody but requires keen observation of his movements. To effectively counter Brody, it is essential to anticipate and predict his opponent’s actions.

Once you grasp your opponent’s movements, you can quickly unleash Lancelot’s Skills, delivering devastating attacks to overpower Brody. Moreover, when Brody activates his Ultimate, employing Skill 2 allows you to evade his powerful assault.

9. Claude


Like Hayabusa, Claude is a Marksman hero with the potential to annihilate nearly all foes once he acquires his core items. Furthermore, his high mobility, demonstrated through his second skill, Battle Mirror Image, can be a challenging obstacle for Brody.

What truly distinguishes Claude as one of the most agile heroes in the game is his adept utilization of the Battle Image Mirror combo and his powerful ultimate, Blazing Duet. Once again, his agility becomes crucial in making life difficult for Brody.

When Claude engages in a team fight, deploying his ultimate, Brody can counter him using Corrosive Strike to stun and increase his stack. However, Claude need not fear this, as he possesses the skills and prowess to withstand such attempts.

10. Ling

Ling, an agile Assassin hero, poses a significant threat to Brody in battle. Thanks to his impressive mobility skills, he effortlessly maneuvers around the battlefield, making it challenging for Brody to catch him.

His first skill, Finch Poise, is invaluable in evading team fights, especially when Brody’s ultimate ability, Torn-Apart Memory, is fully stacked and poses a severe threat. When Brody’s foremost is on cooldown, Ling seizes the opportunity to re-engage by combining Finch Poise with his second skill, Defiant Sword, to eliminate Brody swiftly.

As if that weren’t enough, Ling’s ultimate, Tempest of Blades, guarantees a kill with precise targeting, making it even more difficult for Brody to accumulate stacks. 

Those are some heroes who can counter Brody. Hopefully, this article can be a reference, and your point of view is even more meaningful. Remember to always Top Up Mobile Legends only at UniPin because, at UniPin, you will get various benefits.

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