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Want to Play Free Fire PC? Here’s The Easy Way, It’s Not Complicated!

Maybe you’ve been playing Free Fire on your smartphone all this time. But do you know that this game can also be played on a laptop or PC. One of the advantages to play Free Fire PC is that it looks bigger and better. Of course it will give you a better gaming experience.

The existence of a wider screen will certainly make it easier for you to find enemies and attack them. You can also use the controls more easily so that your chances of winning the game will be much higher if you play Garena free fire PC. So, here are some ways for you to be able to play free fire pc game more easily.

Use The Emulator

What are emulators? Emulators are special software that are used so that you can emulate a system to be the same as on Android. Here the emulator is used to run smartphone applications via a PC or laptop. Actually, there are several emulator options that you can use to play Free Fire PC, such as LDPlayer, Andy, Memu, Nox, Bluestack, and also Geny Motion.

Then how to use the emulator? First, you have to download it. Choose the type of emulator you want or according to your needs. Let’s take an example, you use the Bluestacks emulator.

After you download the emulator, you can directly open the Play Store in the BlueStacks app. After that, download Garena Free Fire PC there. After the download is complete, you can immediately open the game.

Then how to configure the game using emulators? Each emulator actually already provides a feature for key-mapping that can be adjusted to the tastes of the player. You can adjust the controller to suit your playing style in the settings menu.

If you play Free Fire PC using an emulator, you might also be wondering how match-making works here? You need to know that once you are detected by the emulator, the game will automatically match you with other players who are also using the emulator.

This is where game balance works. But what you should know is that the match-making process will take longer because the number of players using the emulator is certainly less.


Another Way You Can Use to Play Free Fire on PC is Using NOX Player

You can also use a lighter simulator to be able to play the free fire pc version. One example is that you can use NOX Player. Nox Launcher or Nox Player is much lighter than other types of simulators. But of course it still has to be adjusted to the type of your PC or laptop.

The thing you need to know is that emulators will be heavier on the CPU, so you have to make sure that your CPU has high speed and also has good efficiency. As for the RAM or GPU, it doesn’t have much impact in playing this free fire pc game.

For that, you are advised to use a CPU with a speed above 2.50 Ghz so that you can get good performance in playing the game.

If you use NOX Player, you will benefit because this software is much lighter than other emulators. Then how to use this NOX Player to be able to help you get a better experience playing Free Fire on a laptop? Here we explain through several points so that you can understand it more easily.

  • First, you must first install NOX Player on the official website
  • After downloading NOX Player, then you can do the installation first until it’s finished
  • After that you need to download the Free Fire Game on the Google Play Store which you can do through the NOX Player. Perform the download or installation to completion.
  • After the game is installed, you can log in using your account
  • Next do the settings on the control. To open settings you need to click the controls tab and select custom HUD. This method is used to be able to help you in setting the best settings so that your game will be more fun later.
  • Then you have to stay in the settings menu and do the mapping on the keys on the keyboard and mouse by setting the Keyboard Control in the right panel. You can also press the CTRL + 1 key to make it easier.


How Free Fire Mapping on a PC or Laptop

Then how to do free fire mapping on a PC or laptop? Here we also provide an easy explanation to do.

  • To move your character, then use settings such as WADS to make it easier.
  • Meanwhile for screen settings, you can use a yellow Crosshair and place it in the center of the screen. Then right click to make screen settings.
  • To be able to do punches and shots, you can make settings on the blue fire button by left-clicking.
  • If those keys don’t help you, then you can use Keys (icon A) to map other keys. But make sure that the button you use here is different from the previous button.
  • Then you can save the mapping and activate the auto pickup mode so that it’s easier for you to play PC free fire.

Actually, you don’t need to think about the mapping problem further because the most important thing is that you are comfortable playing the games on PC. After you have done some of the ways above, now you can play free fire on your laptop or PC.

The methods above are very easy, right? Especially if you use the emulator, you will be more fluent in using the mouse and keyboard so your chances of winning will be much greater. Good luck!

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