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5 Best Combination Character for Laura Free Fire

True gamers must be familiar with the character of Laura in Free Fire. Laura’s character was added to Free Fire on May 11, 2019. Laura Free Fire is inspired by Lyudmila Pavlichenko, the most lethal female sniper from Russia During World War 2. She is known as Lady Death.

Moreover, Laura Free Fire is described as a secret agent who has high-level sniper skills. Laura has a skill that can increase accuracy by 35% when using a max level scope, especially when using a sniper.

Even though the game Free Fire is frequently compared to PUBG Mobile, there are some very noticeable feature variations between the two of them. Each character in Free Fire has a unique skill. The skill differences between these characters are precisely what make Free Fire more challenging and keep gamers from becoming bored easily.

Long-distance combat is a battle that has its challenges for Free Fire players. They frequently always lose while engaging in long-distance combat. To defeat enemies from a distance requires a good strategy to defeat the enemy and also needs a combination of characters that can maximize your skills.

Best-Partner-for-Laura-Free About Laura Free Fire

Laura Free Fire character is very efficient to be positioned in the back row when playing squad mode because her skill or specialty is accuracy when using a scope, especially when using a sniper. When your team advances to the front row, you can back up your team with Laura’s skills.

For your information, Laura’s strength can also be a boomerang because she is not suitable for close-range combat. Even so, this skill is very helpful for newbie players who are still not familiar with aiming using the scope.

To make it easier to reach Booyah, you must have the right partner to play with Laura. Because Laura’s skill has very high accuracy and must be supported by other appropriate character skills. And also make sure you choose a weapon that has a scope, otherwise, Laura’s skill will not be useful because the skill will only be active when using the scope.

Before you pair other character skills with Laura, you also need to learn how to play Laura’s character efficiently. Here are some recommendations for partner characters that can be combined with Laura’s skills. Check this out.


Moco – Hacking Skill

First is Moco. Moco is a character whose background is a hacker. So, what is the relationship between Moco and Laura? This is what’s interesting about Moco’s skill. With his hacker skill, enemies that got shot by Moco can be marked. Even when hiding, this sign can still be seen and shows the position of the enemy that got shot.

Your partner can also see this sign. So, this is very helpful for Laura character users who are indeed suitable for Sniper skills. Moco’s skill is only able to last for 2 seconds for level 1, while the maximum level lasts up to 5 seconds.

Paloma – AR Ammo Storage Skill

When playing Free Fire, we are often confused when our luggage or equipment is full and can’t accommodate the loot anymore in our inventory or bag. Finally, the player must throw some items from the inventory.

However, if you pair up with Paloma, its ability can accommodate AR weapon bullets without using the inventory capacity in the bag. So, looting with Paloma is more comfortable and you don’t have to think hard about saving the bullets that Laura needs when your inventory is full. Just leave it to Paloma.

Nikita – Firearms Expert

With a bodyguard background, Nikita is a firearms expert. So, Nikita can reload the sub-machine gun quickly. Therefore, if you use Laura, you should partner with Nikita who can destroy the enemy without a long pause to reload ammo.

Another reason to partner with Nikita is when a player only uses a sniper their weakness is dealing at close range because snipers are not suitable and inefficient for close-range combat. With Nikita, who can reload ammo quickly, it can keep you safe and protected from every enemy that attacks at close-range.

Hayato – Armor Penetration

This character is not that influential with the weapons we use. However, Hayato’s armor penetration can make Laura very overpowered because Hayato can provide armor penetration along with the use of character and HP skills.

With this skill, the opponent can be torn apart because of Laura’s surprise that she can penetrate their armor because of Hayato’s skill. This makes Laura become overpowered because the enemy’s armor becomes useless.

Jota – Healer x Dealer

This character is a representation of Joe Taslim, later shortened to Jota. This character from Indonesia has the privilege of healing HP up to 40 HP every time he kills an opponent. So, the barbarian Jota user is perfect for a combo with Laura who is backed up from afar. The opponent will be overwhelmed by Jota by rushing with Laura’s accuracy.

From the characters mentioned earlier, make sure you choose the most suitable partner for Laura’s skills and your skills. Because if you lack skills then you will only be a burden to the team.

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