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7 Best Strategy Games Android to Play, Let Them Brainstorm You

What are the best strategy games Android? If building strategies is your skill and hobby, you may need to apply them when playing a game. Yes, some games in Android are designed to brainstorm your critical thinking. This way, you should think deeply about the best strategy to win it.

Among many strategy games available on Android, some of them are considered the best. It is seen from the visual layout, gameplay, and ease of access. So, what are those games? Here they are.

Clash Royale

The name Clash Royale is probably quite familiar to us. Yes, it is one of the most popular games on Android with many players. The game brings a concept of a battle between 2 people in the arena. There are some characters to play. They are Baby Dragon, Knight, Princess, and more.

Every player will get a card in the beginning. The card functions to destroy the enemy’s tower. If you are successful in doing that, then it is a treasure box as a reward. In the game, you must also collect troop cards as many as possible. As the name suggests, troop cards are used to make your troops stronger.

Pandemic: The Board Game

A deadly pandemic spread in the world. You are now involved in a skillful team and must survive. Your job is to find medicine for the disease as well as cure the infection.

The main challenge in the game is the time duration. You must adventure when finding the medicine while there are barriers and challenges to face. So, make sure to make a good strategy with people in your team to save the world.

Star Command

Star Command is a game that requires players to control spaceships. Interestingly, you can create a character as you want and make him or her the captain of the team.

There are 3 empty rooms in the spaceships. In those rooms, you just build up a strategy to win the game. Every room in the game has its own challenge. No matter what room to choose, it will be challenging and you must use your best strategy.


Plants vs. Zombie 2

Some years ago, Plants vs. Zombie is very successful mainly in the realm of PC players. Then, the developer creates an Android version that is also interesting to play. Well, if you have played the game and you want to try a new challenge, make sure to download Plants vs Zombie 2.

The gameplay is still similar to the first version. You must maintain your area from zombies’ attacks. To do that, you just put the right plants as weapons. This way, the Plants will fight zombies back.

All the zombies try to approach Plants and eat them. This way, they can reach your house and eat your brain. Sure, although in general, the game concept is still the same as Plants vs. Zombie 1, this second version has more challenges. So, always use your best strategy to win the game.

The Battle For Polytopia

The Battle For Polytopia is the next best adventure game you can play on Android. This strategy game lets you rule the world in some ways. The challenges are various starting from destroying an evil tribe, finding a new location to survive, inventing technology, and more.

You must also explore the Kicko jungle which is foggy and mysterious. It is also claimed to be very fertile so that you can plant anything there. Well, the beautiful visual design also spoils your sight when playing the game. So, make sure to download it.


Clash of Clans

It seems not complete if talk about strategy games in Android without mentioning Clash of Clans or COC. Yes, the game has many loyal players in the world and it is considered one of the best strategy games to play on the smartphone.

In the game, you are required to manage a battle strategy and lead troops in a war. Of course, you can manage the troops as you want to win the game. You must think about the strategy quickly. Why? Because, in the game, the strategy must be applied real-time.

Pocket Fort

Pocket Fort is the next recommendation of the strategy games in Android you should play. The game is developed by Noumena Innovation and it successfully combines the strategy element and the MMO Mobile-based war.

The game tests your skills in doing war management defensively and offensively at the same time. If the player attacks too much, consequently, he can lose many troops. Meanwhile, if the player prefers defending, it may give more chances for the enemy to attack more. Well, it is quite challenging, isn’t it?

Every player of the game works as the captain who leads numerous troops. You must not only manage them well but also protect yourself so that you will not be killed in the battle. Furthermore, you also have some other jobs like building and managing the fortress.

The fortress must be designed and protected well so that the enemy’s troops cannot attack and access it. Yes, the fortress is also the place where your resources are kept there. There are so many jobs indeed in the Pocket Fort. But still, it is fun, yet challenging.

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