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Burgeon Genshin Impact : Explanation and Strongest Artifact Set

Genshin Impact has released various types of Patches that are very influential for you to play now easily. Together with Burgeon Genshin Impact: Explanation, Artifact Sets and the Best Team, understand it so that it becomes even more optimal. Because with that Burgeon will do quite a lot of damage to travelers when fighting.

Various types of updates that have appeared in this game will definitely be more exciting with something that the traveler has never experienced. Especially if for the continuation of our journey in Genshin Impact, it will continue to come up with something new for travelers to be able to do in the future.

Then some from the Genshin Impact Character Set, right now it’s quite diverse with something pretty good in Party. If you have that particular character, then the Traveler himself can be helped by the Combo Party which is very useful in later battles.

Then understand what Burgeon Genshin Impact is like: Explanation, Artifact Sets and the Best Team, is a strong Elemental Reaction. So by understanding the Reaction of the Burgeon Effect itself it can make it easier for us when we are fighting.

Overview Burgeon Genshin Impact


Burgeon is an Elemental Reaction that occurs when Element Pyro gives a Hit to Bloom that occurs on enemies in the Battle Area. The effect that will arise from this Burgeon is a big explosion, so that one area will definitely receive a large enough Pyro Effect.

Of course, the emergence of the Burgeon Effect itself will increase the ability of the Elemental Reaction that already exists today. By triggering 3 elements that will give a creation from the Burgeon, then we will be able to give total lethal damage to his opponent.

If you want to trigger Reaction Burgeon then follow these steps:

  1. Create Bloom first, use Characters that give Dendro and Hydro Effects to attack enemy targets.
  2. Then later you use the Pyro character which can indeed bring up this deadly attack effect.
  3. After Pyro meets Bloom, it will create an explosion with a radius of up to 5m.
  4. If we use a Hydro + Dendro Character which is Off Field, then we can freely focus on using the Pyro Character.
  5. This is proof that Dendro himself doesn’t just give the opponent a Burning Effect when hit by Pyro, but a big explosion to deal Damage. If you use a very good Combo Burgeon, then this way the attack is quite deadly against enemies.

Using Burgeon itself is really good, because there are a number of other Dendro Bloom Combos that we can actually use with all of this. So you won’t feel confused about giving effects like this so you can maximize these effects in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Artifact Set Focuses On Burgeon


Elemental Reaction abilities that are getting better of course have an effect on Artifact Build for the characters as well. Make sure your Character uses this important Artifact, so they can provide much greater abilities with special effects that increase the damage as well.

So if we use the correct Artifact Set, we can make this character for Burgeon even better. But remember that the characters you have to use are Element Pyro, because this is the core of Burgeon so that it becomes easier for you to carry out an attack.

The following artifacts are recommendations for focusing on Burgeon Genshin Impact:

Crimson Witch of Flames

This Crimson Witch of Flames artifact is present in the Domain in Liyue, making a good Reaction giver with higher Pyro Damage. Moreover, the increase in the Burgeon Effect is very good and the damage itself will increase slowly with the focus point of the explosion.

  1. 2 Sets: Pyro Damage Bonus 15%
  2. 4 Set: Increases 40% DMG of Overloaded, Burning, and Burgeon. Increases 15% DMG Vaporize and Melt. After casting an Elemental Skill, increases 50% effect of 2 Part Set for 10 seconds. Maximum 3 layers.

Being one of the Artifacts that is indeed reliable enough for us to be able to provide it as a Burgeon Set in battle. That’s why Travelers can do this Artifact Farming and can even make use of it directly much better than before.

Flower of Paradise Lost

Then you can use Flower of Paradise Lost, one of the Artifact Sets that we can use and focuses on Dendro’s Elemental Reactions. One of them is Burgeon, we can use this Set to provide focused attacks on your character’s Burgeon Effect when using it later.

  1. 2 Sets: Elemental Masters.
  2. 4 Set: DMG of the reactions of Bloom, Hyperbloom, and Burgeon Characters wearing it is increased by 40%. In addition, after the wearing Character triggers a Bloom, Hyperbloom, or Burgeon reaction, the effects mentioned above will get an additional 25% increase for 10 seconds, and can be stacked up to 4 layers. The effect can only be triggered once every 1 second. The effect remains active when the Character wearing it is in a party but is not on the battlefield.

It is indeed the right recommendation, so that you can maximize Reaction Burgeon’s abilities very well because this will make them stronger. So that a traveler who uses the Seet on the Burgeon character will be more precise and stronger than before.


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