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Genshin Impact Character Tier List

Genshin tier list must be a familiar term, especially if you are a die-hard fan of the open-world RPG game. The interesting thing is that the list can change depending on the game updates.

Therefore, the tier list on the 2.0 version of Genshin Impact will not be the same as the previous version. This tier list is essential to consider fi you want to get the best team comps to gain the meta. So, are you curious about the Genshin tier list character? Here it is.

Tier C


Characters in tier-C tend to appear as novice heroes. Usually, when you play Genshin Impact for the first time, you will play these characters with the party members. But these tier-C characters do not come with the best abilities if you want to be the strongest in this game. The Genshin Impact characters in the tier-C list are:

  • Lisa: Lisa is a reliable character as a hero with electric power. Especially, if you are holding a party and need a great combo, Lisa will be very useful. So, why is she in the tier-C list? It is because her power does not last long so that it will not be effective if you use it.
  • Anemo and Geo (Traveler): Traveler is the very first character you will play in Genshin Impact. This is probably the reason why Geo and Anemo are included in the tier-C character list. These 2 heroes will not be totally effective if you play for a quest or advanced party.
  • Amber: Amber actually has a unique skill that other tier-C characters do not own. Amber has one of the best decoys moves, which is Baron Bunny. However, Amber is one of the weakest archers in Genshin Impact.

Tier B

genshin impact tier list

The next tier list Genshin Impact is the tier-B. The characters in this tier list are better than the ones in the previous list. So, who is included in the tier-B list?

  • Noelle: You can rely on Noelle when you need Geo Tank. It is because this character has the Breastplate move that is reliable for defense. Moreover, Noelle can also have an elemental shield with a crystalized reaction.
  • Barbara: You can have this hero for free through a mission of Song of the Dragon and Freedom. Barbara is a great healer. However, she does not have any other skills so that she is included in this tier-B list.
  • Beidou: If you need a hero with better electric power than Lisa, Beidou is a great alternative. Beidou has a powerful burst skill and can be a good sub-DPS tank. However, this character’s defensive ability is not as good as other heroes.
  • Chongyun: Chongyun can be a great Cryo DPS partnered with Bennet and Xingqui. If you partner these 3 characters together, they are good for breaking, freezing, and defrosting. But players rarely choose their skills so that they do not stand out as other characters.
  • Rosaria: Though she looks like a nun and cute, you can rely on Rosaria when it comes to charged attacks. Her attack is extremely fast and deadly. This character is best partnered with the similar characters like raiden shogun to achieve high damage output.

Tier A

genshin impact tier list

Characters in this Genshin tier list have better skills than the previous two. These heroes are the best for fighting or doing any missions.

  • Mona: Mona is a reliable hero to produce hydro damage. This makes her become very useful to fail elemental reactions. This character has quite many skills for kiting. She is also a strong burst provider.
  • Kazuha: Kazuha is a useful hero with amazing power if you use Elemental Mastery. This character can also facilitate Elemental Absorption as well as Swirl.
  • Yoimiya: Yoimiya is an archer with 5-star Pyro. This character has this ability to produce powerful DPS characters. Yoimiya can also be a good support for other characters as a damage provider.
  • Klee: Klee is one of the Genshin Impact characters with the best Pyro DPS. It is because this character can give large AoE damage. Klee’s skill is in the form of Elemental Burst that can give quite powerful Pyro damage to enemies.
  • Yanfei: This character is known as an affordable Klee. It is because Yanfei cannot produce as large damage as Klee Genshin Impact. But Yanfei can produce Pyro from afar to fail Elemental Reactions.

Tier S

genshin impact tier list

Tier-S Genshin Impact characters come with skills above the average, as well as the ways to get them. These heroes are very difficult to have.

  • Hu Tao: Hu Tao is a character with fire elements that can produce large damage. With this character’s passive and elemental skills, Hu Tao can bring painful Pyro damage. The burst ability will create AoE Pyro damage and heal himself.
  • Venti: As a tone-deaf character, Venti has the largest Anemo skills in Genshin Impact. This character can produce a storm that absorbs enemies and other elements. This skill makes her very suitable for a supporting role with big damage.

Ganyu: If you need a character with a deal damage skill from afar, you can choose Ganyu. This character is one of the best damage providers in Genshin Impact. Ganyu can bring Cryo AoE damage consistently. No wonder it is in this Genshin tier list.

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