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Kadita Mobile Legends : Skill, Build, and Tips

The currently best hero mage in Mobile Legends, Kadita, is known for her deadly abilities as a water bender. Seeing the story of Kadita’s hero, who would have thought this character was a charming royal princess.

Moonton, as the developer of the Mobile Legends game, often presents various heroes inspired by stories in each country. Mobile Legends Fandom says that Kadita is identical to the Queen of the South Sea, Nyi Roro Kidul.

The character in the Mobile Legends game is known as a princess from a small island. He is so admired by everyone because he has a written, intelligent and kind character.

Overview Kadita Mobile Legends

Kadita is a mage-type hero in the Mobile Legends game. This mage is feared by many players because it has deadly skills. Not only that, but Kadita can also increase her own health after launching an attack, then run away after killing an opponent without a fight. Even so, regular practice is needed to be good at using this mage because using Kadita is more complex than most other mages.

Thalassophobia (Passive Skill)

Kadita obtains (Blessing of the Ocean) every 30 seconds. Blessing of the Ocean will activate when he takes damage from an enemy Hero and lasts for 4 seconds, allowing him to recover 65% of the lost HP.

Ocean Oddity (Skill 1)

Kadita summons a wave to carry it in the specified direction and back again (ignores obstacles), dealing with Magic Damage and causing a 30% Slow effect to enemies. He becomes immune to the effects of Crowd Control and gains an additional 50% Damage Reduction when in waves. (Reuse): Kadita leaves the wave without disturbing the movement of the wave.

Breath of the Ocean (Skill 2)

After a short delay, Kadita summons waves that spray at the target location, dealing Magic Damage to enemies hit and causing an Airborne effect for 1.5 seconds. Kadita can use this Skill when using the Ocean Oddity skill to summon the waves below with a shorter spray interval.

Rough Waves (Skill 3)

Kadita dives into the ground and waves in all directions. Each wave deals Magic Damage and causes a Slow effect of 30% to enemies hit. Opponents hit by multiple waves will receive more significant damage. Then all waves will return to Kadita, each wave dealing Magic Damage to opponents on its path. 

Opponents hit by multiple returning waves take less damage after the first hit. While on the ground, Kadita cannot be targeted and gains an additional 60% Movement Speed.

Build Kadita Mobile Legends


For Emblem selection, there use two best options that Kadita can use effectively: Execute and Petrify. Both of them have advantages. It’s just that it will affect Kadita’s attack initiation style.

1. Arcane Boots

Kadita’s first build item magic can maximize its potential as a burst damage type Hero. You must use Arcane Boots to increase its attack power in the early game. Moreover, the duration of Kadita’s skill cooldown is not too long, so you can spam enemy harass on the lane.

Imagine you’ve got an additional +10 Penetration status at the beginning of the game. This is what makes Kadita able to quickly clear Minions. So, he can rotate to another lane afterward.

2. Clock of Destiny

The next item you immediately make is the Clock of Destiny. With this item, Kadita’s capacity will be even more qualified when she wants to team fight to fight for objectives. For example, the struggle for the second Turtle or helping to gank to another lane.

When you have bought this, it is not tricky for Kadita to kill opponents with her combo skills. Especially if you ensnare an enemy marksman or mage with thin blood.

3. Genius Wand

When using a burst damage type Hero, you must buy a Genius Wand. You see, the penetration effect of this item makes it very easy for you to break through enemy armor, even though it’s a tank class. Depending on the level, there is a magic defense reduction effect of 3-7 points, and it can be stacked up to 3 times. So, the total can be up to 27 points.

With this effect, you can start using the “surprise” gameplay by hiding in the bushes. When the enemy is approaching, all you have to do is activate combo skills 1-2-3. Guaranteed, no matter how hard the enemy is, his HP will be drained, and even die immediately.

4. Divine Glaive

The penetration effect given by the Genius Wand will be very synchronized with the Divine Glaive. The enemy buys magic defense items, and Divine Glaive items are the best counters.

Every magic defense point the enemy has will be converted by 0.1% to Magic Penetration, and the maximum can reach 20%. So, the magic defense items purchased by the enemy will be useless. No matter how thick it is, it will definitely get burst.

5. Winter Truncheon

Instead of buying Immortality, Winter Truncheon is more recommended for Kadita. All for the sake of adding his magic power. After all, the effect is more or less the same: to save yourself from enemy attacks. Unlike Winter Truncheon, the difference is that Immortality doesn’t have additional magic power.

With this item, you will get +60 Magic Power, +25 Physical Defense, and +400 HP. Of course, the frozen effect of the passive will be beneficial when you are about to be chased by an enemy or even for freestyle

6. Lightning Truncheon

Entering the late game, you actually have many choices of items that can be used. However, we recommend that you buy Lightning Truncheon. The problem is, when it hits the late game, the enemies will move together more often. The damage-reflecting effect of its unique passive will be beneficial in this phase.

Apart from adding +75 Magic Power, there is a damage-reflecting effect when Kadita gives an attack to the enemy. Kadita’s skill attack will provide 20—1000 magic damage to 3 nearby enemy heroes every six seconds.

If this attack bounces off an enemy marksman, assassin, or mage, it’s guaranteed that their health will immediately decrease by at least one block. This will certainly significantly affect the chances of a team’s fight to victory. They need to be in optimal condition when they want to war.

Tips Kadita Mobile Legends


Since the presence of the new meta from Mobile Legends, many changes have occurred, including Hero Kadita as a roamer. Not only that, his ability has proven to be very deadly in the Land of Dawn.

1. Choose Mid Lane

Like mages, we should place Kadita to fill the mid-lane position. This can make it easier for us to visit the lane of a teammate who needs help.

2. Kill the Opponent Marksman or Mage

Kadita can kill quickly like an assassin. Target your opponent’s marksman or mage by combining all the skills you have. First, use skill 2 to make the opponent affected by crowd control effects, then Skill 1 to swim towards the opponent, then Skill 3 to create a powerful water explosion. That way, the marksman or mage of the opponent hit by our attack can die quickly.

3. Hiding in the Bush

Like an assassin aiming for prey, Kadita should also hide in the Grass to wait for an off-guard opponent. Immediately attack if there is a chance. However, if what turns out to be an opposing tank, it’s better to run away directly to avoid using less practical skills.

4. Use Skill 1 to Escape or Attack

Kadita’s Skill 1 is very reliable. Besides using it to swim towards your opponent, we can use skill 1 Kadita to escape from pursuit.

5. Use the Right Skill Combination

Using the right combination of skills also affects attacking opponents so that they are more effective. So, for Kadita’s own blend of skills, they are:

Ocean Oddity (Skill 1) > Breath of the Ocean (Skill 2) > Rough Waves (Skill 3)

Use the Ocean Oddity skill to get close to your opponent, then immediately activate the Breath of the Ocean skill when your position is close to your opponent. When the enemy is affected by the Airborne effect from the Breath of the Ocean skill, you can immediately finish them off with the Rough Waves skill. Do this combination quickly to maximize attacks from Kadita.

Those are some things about Kadita Mobile Legends. Hopefully, with this article, it will be helpful! Top Up Mobile Legends on UniPin can be a solution for you, and you get the benefits!

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