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Selena Mobile Legends: Emblem, Skills, Build Items, Combo Skill, and Tips

Are you interested to play the character (Selena MLBB)? Selena is a mage hero or assassin in the Mobile Legend game. She is considered very terrifying mainly in the early game.
The character has 2 forms and she can change from one form to another in a relatively short time.

The first form is Elven Form, referring to her normal form as a mage. Then, the second one is the Abyssal form in which Selena takes the role of an assassin. The combination of those 2 forms becomes the main strategy when you play the character.

However, it is quite difficult to realize unless you can utilize Selena’s skill well. Besides, another benefit of this hero-assassin is her high mobility.

Despite her attractive appearance and challenging characteristics, Selena is indeed quite difficult to play mainly if you are still a beginner in Mobile Legend. The character has a low health point.

This way, you need to use the combo skills accurately to avoid Mobile Legend Selena being continuously dead. So, if you are interested to play it, make sure to read the following explanations.

Selena’s Emblem and Spell

Selena's Emblem and Spell 2

Starting from the emblem, the most recommended one is to use the mage emblem with some powers such as movement speed, magic pen, and magic worship. Using the emblem, you can maximize the damage made by Selena.

But if you want to try other emblems, that’s okay. You can choose the support emblem also to focus on the hybrid regen and mark. You should not worry as the emblem also still powers Selena up with the speed movement.

Meanwhile, Selena’s battle spell is better to use Flicker. It brings the character extra mobility. Besides, it also enables you to escape from the enemy more easily. Sure, there are still some other options to choose from. There is Retribution if you are interested to get gold faster. But if you prioritize the high damage made, you can choose Flameshot instead.

Selena’s Build Items

Selena's Build Items

Sure, there are so many build items to improve the powers of the character. From those Selena Mobile Legends build, here are some recommendations to use by all the players.

Demon Boots

If you play the character, you will know that the hero often does skill spamming. To support her “hobby”, the shoes are really suitable to wear. They give some benefits including bringing the Mana Regen attribute. It enables you to get assistance to recover with an improvement of 10%.

Clock of Destiny

Yes, it has been mentioned above that Selena is quite weak in terms of health points. That’s why she needs the Clock of Destiny build item. The item is to bring more health points and Mana. Besides, it also has a unique passive to increase the Magic Attack by 5%.

Lightning Truncheon 

The item is to use together with the Clock of Destiny. Why? Well, the passive effect of the Lightening Truncheon is to enlarge the damaged area along with the enlargement of Mana that Selena has owned.

Holy Crystal

Holy Crystal enables you to add +100 Magic Power to Selena as well as it improves Magic Attack up to 35%. That’s why it becomes one of the must-have items for all Selena players.

Aside from the build items mentioned above, you can still use others for sure like Winter Truncheon or Divine Glaive. But no matter what build you choose for Selena, make sure to always let the character wear Demon Boots. It helps Selena a lot to survive starting from the early to the late game.

Selena’s Combo Skill

Selena’s Combo Skill

Selena’s combo skill is quite difficult to do as you must choose the right momentum for the transformation. In the Elven form or the mage made, there is a button “Abyssal mark” on the enemy to stack twice. The button or the sign functions as a bomb to explode when being attacked by Selena’s Abyssal form or her assassin mode.

For maximum damage, you can attack the enemy twice with the Abyssal mark. However, it should be done before changing into the Abyssal form completely. Furthermore, here are more explanations of her forms and how to use Selena in Mobile Legends.

Elven Form

For this mode, use Skill 1 or Abyssal Arrow, Skill 2, or Abyssal Trap. You can also start it in the opposite of Skill 2 to Skill 1. Whether from what skill you will start, depends on the condition you face. If the enemy is quite far from Selena as your character, use Skill 1 first. Meanwhile, if the character is in the bushes, Skill 2 is better to use first. Next, use Skill 3 or Primal Darkness so that Selena turns into Abyssal Form.

Abyssal Form

For the Abyssal Form, you can use Skill 1 of Souls Eater. Then, kill the enemy using the Garotte Skill twice. After that, Selena can turn back into the Elven form.

Tips to Use Selena in Mobile Legends

tips using Selena MLBB

Selena is an interesting character in Mobile Legends. Not only is she one of the most beautiful characters in the game but also her power is extraordinary. But playing her is quite tricky and difficult if you don’t know the tips. So, here they are for you.

Early Game

Selena is very strong and powerful in the early to mid-game as long as you use the right skills and stacks. One of the tips is, make sure to place a trap around the enemy’s lane and jungle. It functions as a visual map.

Farming Session

In the farming session, use the Abyssal form as the attacks and skill mode of the form is much better. It is mainly when being used to attack the jungle monster or remove minions. It is very possible also to use Mobile Legends Selena New Skin.

Late Game

It is recommended to play safely in the late game. Why? Selena has been very weak in this session. To enable her to survive, utilize traps for the vision. You can also use an arrow to stun the enemy. Even if there is a stun effect, make sure not to enter first in the fighting team. This trick is very helpful to let Selena survive. So, are you interested to play Selena Mobile Legends?

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