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Guide to Use Estes Mobile Legends Optimally as a Support Hero

Estes Mobile Legends is not just a support hero character to find in the infamous Mobile Legends game. It offers a tremendous potential that any player can unlock and optimize.

Unfortunately, some players of this video game may not know about it at first. It is unfortunate not to get this character when playing the game. There are many ways players can benefit from adding this support hero into their roosters. It is beneficial to know all of the fundamental things about Estes beforehand.

Estes Mobile Legends

Believe it or not, many players consider Estes Mobile Legends as a weak creature in the game itself. Therefore, many of them may not think about having it in their roosters at all. Nevertheless, it comes with some surprising things to expect upon playing it in the game.

It even becomes one of the most underrated support heroes in Mobile Legend. More importantly, it is rare to find players using Estes in bloody ranked matches of Mobile Legends. How is that possible?

Mobile Legends Estes gets its popularity as an annoying healer in the world of Mobile Legends Bang Bang. It is common for a supporting character to have a healing specification in its ability list. It provides an insane amount of healing for the allies. It can be annoying for other teams to fight a rooster with Estes, indeed.

Unfortunately, the base specification of Estes is not as strong as other support heroes. Thus, many players leave it when having some serious matches.

Nevertheless, it is possible to optimize this Estes Mobile Legends character. It offers more than just a healing capability. Of course, it requires a tremendous build to have the best version of Estes to use in the game. Estes does not have a high damage effect for the opponents indeed.

Yet, it has its potentials in other aspects other than attacking and damaging other players in the game. It is necessary to equip the appropriate skills, spells, and emblem sets to maximize it.

Tips Using Estes Mobile Legends

First of all, how to get this character? It is easy to acquire Estes Mobile Legends without breaking a sweat. It is available for any player who has at least 24,000 Battle Points. It means that any player can claim it even at the earliest stage of playing MLBB.

Yet, it is a different thing when it comes to the build of Estes. Numerous items affect the performance and functionality of this character differently. It will be about how a player navigates through the game when using it.

Using Right Build Items

build items Estes Mobile Legends

A few items can be the perfect match for Estes Mobile Legends. They will optimize the general stats for better use in the game. A handy piece of advice on building this support hero is to optimize cool-down reduction and tank items.

Therefore, the best things to add to Estes are Demon Shoes, Courage Mask, Athena’s Shield, Oracle, Fleeting Time, and Immortality. Furthermore, Brute Force Breastplate, Guardian Helmet, and Enchanted Talisman are optional items to have as well.

All of those items are beneficial on how to use Estes Mobile Legends. Furthermore, it is also crucial to understand the best way to use Estes. In general, the idea of incorporating Estes is to heal allies at all costs.

It means that this character needs to retain the core health of the group. How to do this? The so-called Magic Necklace is necessary to have from the beginning. It helps all characters in the group farm and acquire gold without worrying about anything else. It is a pivotal part of the start.

The Estes Mobile Legends need to stay alive in any clash along the road. It is the part where tank items come in handy. Both Immortality and Athena’s Shield offers the best effect on this part. Knowing where to rotate when navigating through the game is also necessary.

Thus, it is best to pay attention to the map. It helps avoid the wrong place to be for Estes. Fundamentally, all of those things will help any player who wants to optimize the functionality of this underrated support hero character.

Estes Mobile Legends Skills

tips using Estes MLBB

Skills are among the pivotal aspects of playing Mobile Legends. Of course, Estes Mobile Legends have some beneficial skills as well. Yet, using them the wrong way will not provide any advantage at all. Its passive skill is already purposeful.

The so-called Scripture of Moon Elf will deliver 250 damage points to enemies nearby. It will rebound and hit more enemies and give 125 damage points. It happens when the stacks hit 100 points. It underlines the usefulness of Estes.

With the appropriate Estes MLBB build, even its skills will deliver better effects. It includes Moonlight Immersion, Domain of Moon Goddess, and Blessing of Moon Goddess. It is crucial to use those skills at the right time, especially during combat.

Meanwhile, the flicker spell is the perfect choice for Estes. The slow mobility of this character can be frustrating. Nevertheless, the flicker spell provides fast travel ability for it to be in any spot instantly. It comes in handy during a fierce and bloody match.

Emblem for Estes MLBB

The last part to focus on Estes Mobile Legends is the emblem. The two most recommended emblems to incorporate are Support and Tank hero emblems. They provide some improvements on the stats of Estes instantly.

To optimize the Support emblem, spend 3 points on Vitality and Gift. Then, check the Pull Yourself Together on the Talent section. It increases the HP stat by 65 on each level and boosts the healing effect by 3%. Those are some benefits to expect from Estes after maximizing its build.

Lastly, the Tank emblem provides some benefits as well. It is best to put 2 points on Firmness, a point on Shield, and 3 points on Inspire. Then, activate the Brave Smite on the Talent section.

It improves Magic Defense by 4%, Physical Defense by 4%, and CD reduction by 2.50% for each level. All of those things are the most appropriate ways to optimize the support hero character of Estes Mobile Legends.

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