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Aldous Mobile Legends Pros and Cons

You might have a big plan for using Aldous Mobile Legends, but you need to understand the pros and cons to continue your plan successfully.


Aldous Mobile Legends

Aldous has various benefits that make it one of the strongest heroes in Mobile Legends. The very first benefit that you can find by using mobile legends aldous is his huge damage. Aldous is a type of stack hero that will get a damage increase from every stack collected.

After entering the late game, Aldous can be the strongest fighter hero that can defeat the enemies with just a hit or two. It means that if you want to get bigger damage by using Aldous, you need to collect more stacks quickly. In this circumstance, you have to maximize the use of his Skill One for doing the last hit.

More stacks mean bigger damage for Aldous. He can be much more powerful by using some useful aldous best build items such as true damage and other defense items. That is why you can use this hero to defeat enemies much faster. This must be another great benefit that you can enjoy by using this character. To do this, you have to use his combo skill when attacking enemies.

Aldous Mobile Legends

Another benefit that makes people want to use Aldous is his ability to do an easy lock. He has an ultimate skill that allows him to lock the enemies’ heroes. When using this ultimate skill, he can open a map that will show the position of every hero on the battlefield. That is why spotting an enemy will be easy peasy for him. At the same time, he can monitor the enemies easily and properly.

Do not forget about his passive skill. Aldous has a very useful passive skill that will give him an additional shield when it is activated. When will the passive skill get activated? Aldous passive skill will be active once you performed two basic attacks.

When using another basic attach or hitting his third skill, the passive skill will be activated and produce an additional shield. With this kind of protection, Aldous will not get killed by the enemies easily during the war.

The passive skill owned by Aldous Mobile Legends allows this hero character to increase his durability during the battle. Nevertheless, Aldous also has an active skill that can produce a damage reduction effect when being attacked by enemies. This kind of effect can be found in his second skill. You do not want to miss this active skill during the war since it will improve your durability.


Aldous Mobile Legends

Even the strongest hero always has some drawbacks. Of course, you can also some disadvantages when using Aldous. Nevertheless, by understanding his good and bad parts, you can look for the best aldous build that can emphasize his benefits and cover his drawbacks. You have to understand his drawbacks properly to know anything that can kill him easily on the battlefield.

Aldous sounds like a big and strong hero character. However, as a fighter hero, he is very weak in the early game. During the early game, he can only focus on landing and keeping his turret from being attacked by the enemies.

However, you have to maximize his performance in the early game or else he will not be able to improve in the next stage of the game. That is why you need to focus on defense while looking for stacks from the wave minion that can be found during the early game.

Aldous is also super weak to the burst damage hero. If he receives huge damage from the burst damage hero, he might get killed pretty fast. Since he cannot handle burst damage from the enemies’ hero, you have to prevent this from happening.

You have to keep on defending until you get the opportunity to attack in the mid-game and late-game later. Yes, you have to be very patient when using Aldous in the early game.

The maximum performance of Aldous will depend on his skill the most. As long as his attack skill can still be used, her performance can be kept to the max. Unfortunately, this hero will be very weak when his attack skill is on cooldown.

The damage from his basic attack is not that powerful, after all. It is important to pay attention to your defense during the cooldown of your resource skill.

Aldous Mobile Legends

You might want to make Aldous look cooler by using the aldous mobile legends skin, but it will not cover the fact that Aldous is also weak toward the crowd control hero in the gameplay. Yes, Aldous has huge damage, but his movement can be intercepted by the hero with a crowd control effect.

In this circumstance, you need to work along with your teammates to fight against the crowd control hero to make sure that the crowd control effect has been used by your teammates. It will help you attack the enemies much easier.

Last but not least, Aldous will be hard to improve if he is given pressure during the early game. This is the best way to beat Aldous, after all. That is why you have to use your brain to find the best position for farming and getting stacks from minions to prevent this problem of Aldous Mobile Legends.

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