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Better than Alok? Review Character K Free Fire

K, also known as Captain Booyah, is a strong character in the Free Fire game, whether as a support or not. We will help you get to know K Free Fire characters more by providing profiles, K’s stories, also skills and abilities at various levels. We will also explain which character skill is suitable for K.

The most distinctive and shortest name ever, it appears that the title belongs to the Free Fire character named “K,” because K is a name that only takes one letter. You are free to pronounce K, Key, Ka, and so on because the most essential thing for you is to have a better understanding of the character.

K Free Fire used to be a bright youngster, but he, like other kids his age, doesn’t take school seriously. He was 16 years old and still in junior high school when he was involved in a car accident that harmed his spine. Following an examination, his doctor informed him that he would never be able to walk again.

The experience taught him several things that he would remember for the rest of his life, including the fact that he would never underestimate life. He also learned about himself through his experiences, and he learned to understand himself, his motivations, and his place in the world.

It turns out that what occurred to K Free Fire had the unintended consequence of allowing him to read and comprehend the people around him in the same manner. Most importantly, he wanted to fortify his body and psyche so that he would never be injured in the same manner again.

K-Free-Fire-Character-profi K Free Fire Skill

After getting to know more about the K Free Fire character, we will start discussing his skills in the Free Fire game. The problem is usually the characters in Free Fire only have 1 skill between active and passive. However, the K character has 3 skills at once which is certainly a little confusing.

This explanation also includes recommendations for you on whether you should buy K’s character or not. Because this character happens to have the skill slot in active skills and each character can only use one active skill. Should Alok be replaced? Which one is better, K or Alok? Let’s look at the explanation of the skills of character K.

We get one passive skill from character K, which is our maximum EP increases by 50 points. So initially our maximum EP is 200 to 250 points and will increase by 2 points every 2 seconds until it reaches 150 points. After reaching this point the EP will no longer regenerate.

From level 1 to level 6 the skills both add 50 maximum EP. The difference is in the active skill. It can also be called active-passive. So, not 100% active. This is completely different from Alok’s skill which is an active skill.

If we press Alok’s skill button, he will emit an aura that lasts for 8 seconds and gives 5 HP regeneration every second. While K’s skill to give HP regeneration he must have an EP.

This EP will decrease and regenerate at the same time when your HP does not reach the maximum point. But if you activate the HP regeneration skill, your EP will not increase and also when your HP is not at the maximum point, your HP will increase by 5 HP by burning 5 EP per second.

When the HP regeneration skill is active and HP has reached its maximum point, our EP will not increase if we don’t return to EP regeneration mode. This HP regeneration skill is slightly similar to Alok’s skill.

So, back to the question at the beginning, is it better K or Alok? It depends on your efficiency. If you can maximize and use K’s skills properly then this character is worthy for you to use.

When your HP is full you have to use EP regeneration mode. Conversely, if your HP decreases or when you are facing an opponent, then you must immediately use HP regeneration mode. Such is the optimal use when playing K’s character or skill.


Best Partner For K Free Fire

Besides that, now we will discuss other character skills that are suitable for K. According to my playing experience, another skill that is suitable for pairing with character K is Joseph’s or Kelly’s running skills. This skill is suitable if we play in ranked mode and often battle in close range.

Meanwhile, Andrew and Hayato’s skills are suitable for those of you who like to rush in ranked mode. If you play as a supporter then the Moco skill is perfect for use. Besides that, on average, many players use Moco skills. Moco’s skill is very common in its use by Free Fire players.

Based on my playing experience, Hayato, Moco, and Kelly’s skills are a pretty good skill combination for you to use in K’s skill slot. This recommendation is optional. Because each player’s needs on the battlefield vary depending on the skill of each player.

For all readers, before you choose and sort the skills, make sure you know the function of these skills and also make sure you are quite proficient in playing Free Fire. Because if you were not, then all these recommendations will not be useful for you.

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